About us

studentenverzekeringen.nl was founded in 2005 by two students from The Hague with two main goals. The main focus was on clarifying the information on health insurance for students. They also wanted to ensure that students were able to make a good choice independently of insurance companies when choosing health insurance. These two factors are still the main reasons behind studentenverzekeringen.nl.

Grown to the authority in the field of student insurance

After starting the website it became clear that not just information about health insurances was much unclear. These days, studentenverzekeringen.nl has become the authority in the field of information provision on all types of insurance for students and young people.

We work with a team of multiple people every day to keep all the information on the website up-to-date and to complement this information. If we come across unclear information about an insurance policy, one of our experts in that area will sort this out before adding it to the website in clear and understandable terms.

studentenverzekeringen.nl is 100% independent and therefore in no way connected to a (high) school, educational institution or insurer. We do, however, work with these parties to keep the information correct, targeted and up-to-date.

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) & AFM

studentenverzekeringen.nl is registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) under number: 27329130. The company behind studentenverzekeringen.nl (Helms Online B.V.) participates in the collective license in mediation of Awin BV AFM Number: 12042897

How do we earn our money?

studentenverzekeringen.nl receives a one-off commission from the insurer if a visitor has switched via the comparator. The reimbursement can vary per insurer. We will never let the comparison results, or our information, influence this.
Our aim is to offer high-quality information to our visitors. We also try to offer this as extensively as possible and in readable language to our target group of students and young people.

Do you have a question, comment or suggestion?

You can reach us via telephone, email or WhatsApp.

We always try to answer your question within 24 hours.

Ons team

On behalf of the studentenverzekeringen.nl team

  • N. Helms
  • V. van Brakel
  • L. van Reenen
  • P. van den Beemd

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Studentenverzekeringen.nl neemt deel aan de collectieve vergunning in bemiddeling van Awin BV AFM Nummer: 12042897