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This website is set up for students who want to know everything about the different student insurance policies available. We have experienced that with most insurance policies, special discounts/rules are especially aimed at students. However, nowhere on the internet is we found a complete overview with objective information. (You usually come across insurance companies that only recommend their insurance policies).

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Do you have questions about the website? Or about us? Call, mail or chat with us! Because we only focus on the general provision of information, we do not handle personal questions. In addition, we do not provide advice on insurers/insurance policies.

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To ensure that students are objectively informed, we have collected and published all important information for each type of insurance on this website. To keep our information up-to-date, we check all information several times a year and edit or add information if necessary.

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About us is the authority for student insurances. We are independent, and have no financial or relational agreement with any insurance company.