Changes healthcare insurance 2023

Basic healthcare insurance is obligatory for every Dutch citizen and covers the main, basic medical care. Every year the Dutch government changes the coverage of basic healthcare insurance. These changes are made public on ‘Prinsjesdag’ or Little Prince Day, on which the Dutch king gives the ’troonrede’, an official throne speech revealing the future government policies for the coming year. The most important modifications for the basic healthcare insurance, which will apply to all healthcare insurances in 2023, are described in this article.

Because the policies change every year, it can be useful to compare different insurances before you take out a specific one. On this page, you will find the most important changes in health care insurance.

Every third Tuesday of September is ‘Prinsjesdag’ (Prince’s day, also known as budget day) in The Netherlands. This is an annual tradition which involves the king reading a speech. Among other things, this speech states what changes in the economic and financial field can be expected in the coming year. Additionally, the king will announce what changes will take place in the healthcare domain. You might wonder what changes you can expect as a student, with regard to healthcare and health insurance. You will find everything you need to know regarding these topics on this page.

Healthcare premium

The government has announced that healthcare premiums for 2023 will go up significantly. The primary insurance premium will go up by about €11,- per month. This will bring the total cost of health insurance per month to approximately €137,-. The reason being that healthcare costs are becoming more expensive in The Netherlands, as the prices and wages are rising. Inflation and higher demand for care also contribute to the premium increase. Although these are the expected premium amounts, health insurers will set the final premium no later than November (2022).

Healthcare allowance

The healthcare allowance will increase just like the healthcare premium. By implementing healthcare allowance, the Dutch government helps relatively low-income groups, such as students, meet the cost of the healthcare premium. Whether you are entitled to a care allowance, and the amount of it depends on your income. The monthly amount of allowance you receive is meant to ensure healthcare is affordable and accessible for everyone. This is also something the government aims for in 2023. The healthcare allowance will therefore increase to €154,- per month. This amount has been raised slightly extra to improve overall purchasing power.

Deductible excess

In 2023, the deductible excess will remain the same. This coming year, the deductible excess will therefore be €385,-. The deductible excess is compulsory, which is the amount of money you will have to pay yourself when you use a form of care covered by primary healthcare insurance. You can opt to increase the deductible, however, to reduce the cost of the premium.

Collective discount will be abolished

As of 2023, the collective discount on compulsory healthcare insurance will disappear. Earlier, groups, like students, for instance, could get a 5% discount on their healthcare insurance. In 2023, insurers will no longer be allowed to grant this group discount.

Changes to the primary healthcare insurance in 2023

The content of the primary healthcare insurance will largely remain the same. There will be some minor changes:

  • To start, vitamin D will no longer be reimbursed in 2023. This potentially means your healthcare costs may increase by around €80,- a year.
  • The second change is that the arrangements for Long-Covid patients will be extended. This means that people with long-term complaints due to Covid infection are entitled to compensation for the extra care they need. This includes, for example, the cost of physiotherapy, remedial therapy, occupational therapy or dietetics.
  • Lastly, there will be stricter supervision in 2023. This means there will be a more critical look at which forms of care are worthwhile and which are not. Specifically, this may mean that the government will look closely at whether specific forms of care belong within the primary insurance coverage and that some forms of care might be removed from it.

Important dates relating to healthcare

  • November 12th, 2022: this is the latest date by which the healthcare premium amount for 2023 will be disclosed.
  • December 31st, 2022: this is the ultimate date by which you can adjust your”>Compare Dutch Health Insurance
    to another insurer.
  • January 31st, 2023: if you have cancelled your health insurance, this is the latest date by which you can switch your Compare Dutch Health Insurance