Compare insurances

When you come to the Netherlands and you are looking for a suitable and appropriate healthcare insurance company, a good way to find out is to compare several different options. There are many differences between the various insurance companies. On this page, we provide you with some tips that can be helpful in comparing different insurance companies.

What kind of insurance company?

Before you choose a specific insurance company it is recommendable to investigate whether this insurance company and the insurances they offer fit your needs. Reading experiences from other clients on the internet can be helpful, especially on the websites of the insurance companies themselves. There are also various forums on the internet where people share their experiences regarding insurance companies.

What care do I need?

Maybe not all the healthcare that you need is covered in the basic healthcare package of the insurer. Therefore you can choose to get supplementary insurance. It is important, beforehand, to think about what care you might need. There are many different supplementary insurance packages that are worthwhile considering. Additionally, these packages might differ per insurer. Compare the different options to make sure you get the desired coverage.


Of course, you want to save as much as possible on your healthcare insurance. However, a low premium for supplementary health care insurances often is an indication that the coverage is lower as well. Therefore it can be worthwhile paying a slightly higher premium in exchange for better coverage. It is very important that you thoroughly read and compare the insurance policies, in which you can find the exact coverage of different insurers before you opt for certain healthcare insurance.
We’ve compared Dutch basic healthcare insurances for you and made a Compare Dutch Health Insurance tool.

What kind of insurance do I want?

In the Netherlands, there are three different types of insurance policies namely, a ‘Natura’ policy; a refund policy and a combined policy. We’ll explain the differences below:
Natura policy
A ‘Natura’ policy often offers low premiums because of the fact that the insurer has set contractual agreements with several healthcare providers. A disadvantage is that you are not free in choosing your own healthcare provider.
Refund policy
For a refund policy, you normally pay a higher premium. An advantage of this refund policy is that you are free in selecting a healthcare provider of your choice.
Combined policy
With a combined policy the insurance company has made agreements with some healthcare providers but not with all of them. This means that you are free in choosing a provider of choice. Nevertheless, in some cases, you’ll need to pay the bill upfront whilst at other health care providers the bill will automatically be sent to your insurer.