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At CZdirect, part of the CZ Group, you can easily take out affordable, online health insurance. Partly due to the lack of a profit motive and the online convenience, CZdirect health insurance can be offered at a low premium. This makes it the ideal health insurance policy for young people and students!

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CZdirect health insurance policies 2024

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Advantages CZdirect

  • Inexpensive, low premium
  • Online convenience: conveniently arrange all insurance matters online
  • Reliable service and care via health insurer CZ

Disadvantages CZdirect

  • You can only choose from a ‘natura’ policy: this means that you can only go to contracted care providers for a full reimbursement of care
  • Less reimbursements in additional health insurance compared to CZ

Basic package CZdirect

You can take out one basic health insurance policy with CZdirect: the CZdirect ‘natura’ policy. Via the ‘natura’ policy you can contact more than 45,000 care providers throughout the Netherlands. You will be fully reimbursed for the care provided by these care providers. Care can be offered at an attractive price through agreements and contracts with these care providers. This is reflected in the premium of basic insurance. Would you still like to undergo treatment with a care provider without a contract? In that case, 65% of the bill will be reimbursed.

CZdirect’s health insurance is completely online: you can arrange all your insurance matters via the internet. This concerns making changes to your health insurance, declarations, changing, viewing or paying your deductible, finding care providers or checking which care is reimbursed.

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CZDirect health insurance premium overview from past years

CZDirect health insurance premium overview
Year Nature
2024 €140,50
2023 €128.30
2022 €120.75
2021 €116.95
2020 €109.95

Additional packages CZdirect

CZdirect offers an extensive choice of 5 different supplementary health insurance policies. Depending on your care needs, you can expand the care from the basic package with various additional reimbursements such as emergency medical care abroad, contraception or physiotherapy.

Aanvullend 1

The supplementary 1 package provides additional reimbursement for emergency medical care worldwide. In addition to the Dutch rate for the treatment concerned, the care is fully reimbursed. You will also be reimbursed for medical transport, emergency dental care, dental accidents and various exercise programmes.

Aanvullend 2

The Supplementary 2 package builds on Supplementary 1. In addition to the reimbursements from Supplementary 1, the contraceptive pill is fully reimbursed from the age of 21 with this package.

Aanvullend 3

This package is also an extension of Supplementary 2. In this package you will also receive a reimbursement for physiotherapy.

Aanvullend 4

This package provides an even more generous reimbursement of the existing reimbursements from Supplementary 3. You will be reimbursed for additional physiotherapy treatments.

Aanvullend 5

The most comprehensive additional package is CZdirect’s Supplemental 5. With all the extensive reimbursements from previous packages, Supplemental 5 also offers a reimbursement for alternative medicine. p>

Dental insurance

In addition to the separate, supplementary packages, you can take out separate dental insurance policies with CZdirect. The coverage of dental costs is not reimbursed from the basic package or one of the additional packages. Depending on the expected dental care for the coming year, you can choose from 3 different dental insurance policies.

Tand 1 75%

With this dental insurance you will be reimbursed 75% of the bill up to a maximum of €250 per year.

Tand 1 100%

With this variant you will be reimbursed the full bill (100%) up to a maximum of €250 per year.

Tand 2 75%

With tooth 2 you will be reimbursed 75% of the dental bill, but up to a higher maximum amount per year. You will be reimbursed up to a maximum of €500 per year.

Additional services CZdirect

You can easily arrange your affairs online via the CZdirect website. Submit a claim, find a healthcare provider, change your health insurance or deductible and use the handy healthcare apps. For example, you can get care advice via the nurse’s App or check the health of your skin via SkinVision.

Discounts at CZdirect

There are no special discounts applicable to CZdirect’s health insurance.

Sustainability CZdirect

In the field of sustainability, CZdirect scores a 2.2 on a scale of 5. This is apparent from the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands’, conducted by the VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development). Investment policy is reviewed and the effects on the environment, society and people are considered.

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Contact details CZdirect

Contact details CZdirect
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Whatsapp 06-13651950
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Phone number 088 555 77 77 (Mon-Fri from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm).

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