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Ditzo is the newest insurance company of ASR Nederland. ASR is one of the largest insurers in the Netherlands and also owns brands such as De Amersfoortse and Falcon. Ditzo is an internet insurer, which means that as much as possible is arranged online.

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Ditzo health insurance premium overview from past years

Ditzo health insurance premium overview
Year Restitution Natura
2023 €144.50 €128.95
2022 €133.50 €115.50
2021 €119.95 €109.85
2020 €114.95
2019 €109.95
2018 €102.95
2017 €100.95
2016 €93.85
2015 €89.95
2014 €86.75
2013 €98.50
2012 €98.50

Advantages Ditzo for students

  • Choice from ‘natura’ or ‘restitution’ policy: slightly limited or free choice of hospitals for planned healthcare;
  • Breakdown assistance cover in the event of accidents: up to €10,000 reimbursement for necessary physiotherapy or oral care as a result of an accident;
  • With Ditzo’s ASR Vitality app, you can earn back up to 5 months of premium from your additional health insurance if you live a healthy life and achieve your exercise goals.

Disadvantages Ditzo for students

  • Many dental treatments are reimbursed up to 75% in the TandGoed and TandBest packages. So you often pay 25% of the bill yourself;
  • No reimbursement in supplementary insurance policies for alternative medicine.

Basic coverage Ditzo

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Additional services Ditzo

Ditzo offers breakdown assistance as an extra service. If you have taken out basic insurance with Ditzo, you can use this service for free if you have an accident in the Netherlands. This service covers extra costs up to €10,000 that are not reimbursed by your basic or supplementary insurance. You can also contact this insurer via WhatsApp. You will receive an answer to your message within 2 hours.

Contact details

Information and contact
Email Contact form website
Post PO Box 2072, 3500 HB Utrecht
Facebook Facebook.com/ditzo
Twitter @Ditzo

Website of Ditzo


Does Ditzo pursue a sustainable and responsible investment policy? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has conducted a benchmark study. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, Ditzo scores a 4.5 on a scale from 1 to 5. Attention is paid to the policy consequences for society, people, and the environment, among other things. This makes Ditzo (ASR group) one of the top 3 sustainable health insurers in the Netherlands.

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