Dutch health insurance system

The dutch health insurance system: how does it work?

Everyone who works in the Netherlands must take out basic health insurance (basic package). The central government determines what is included in the basic package each year. This package consists of the standard medical care to which everyone is entitled. The premium of the health insurance changes every year. Health insurers themselves determine what is included in supplementary insurance. On this page, you will find more information regarding dutch health insurance.

Mandatory primary insurance

The primary health insurance covers standard care provided by, for example, a general practitioner, hospital or pharmacy. A deductible applies to most care in the basic package. The main aspects of the primary insurance include:

  • Basic insurance is obliged if you are a Dutch citizen or work in the Netherlands.
  • The contents of the basic insurance package are identical for everyone.
  • The basic package is specified by the government. The content can change annually.
  • The government also determines the amount of the deductible excess and the amount of the care allowance.
  • For certain types of care, such as general practitioner or obstetric care, there is no deductible excess.
  • The government also determines for which forms of care you must pay a contribution. This is completely separate from the deductible.
  • A health insurer is obliged to accept you for the basic package.
  • The premium of a policy is the same for everyone. So everyone with the same policy pays the same, regardless of age or health.

Health insurance premium

Health insurance premium is the amount of money you pay monthly, or in some cases yearly, for your health insurance. This amount can vary depending on which insurance company you opt for. Additionally, the amount changes annually. The premiums for the following year are disclosed on the 12th of November. This also is the date from which you can switch health insurance companies and/or policies.

Why do premiums go up each year?

One of the primary reasons people switch health insurance companies is the price of the premiums. It is not uncommon to see premiums increase and this is why many people start comparing the new premiums as soon as they are disclosed. There are a few reasons why premiums increase annually:

  • Healthcare becomes more expensive due to the ageing population.
  • Newer, but more expensive treatments are becoming available.
  • Higher wage costs of healthcare workers.

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Voluntary supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurances cover (some of the) care that is not included in the basic package. For instance, additional reimbursement for dental treatments. The main features of supplementary insurance are:

  • There are different packages, all of which supplement the basic insurance.
  • The insurance company determines the conditions and reimbursements. The government has no say in supplementary insurance.
  • Supplementary insurance is not mandatory. There are many different packages, and you can choose the package that best supports your care needs.
  • A health insurer is not obliged to accept you for supplementary insurance. In practice, this rarely happens.
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FAQ Healthcare insurance

What are important points of attention when you move to the Netherlands and take out Dutch medical health insurance? Our tips & frequently asked questions can help you on your way to all necessary preparations.

What is Dutch student health insurance?
Dutch student health insurance consists of the obligatory primary and voluntary supplementary packages. Health insurance companies determine the coverage of the supplementary packages, such as additional dental care, physiotherapy or alternative care. The Dutch government determines the coverage of primary healthcare insurance package.
What does dutch health insurance cover?
Primary health insurance consists of standard medical care. It includes, but is not limited to: consults and treatment by general practitioners, prescription drugs, emergency care and transport by ambulance. Moreover, what the basic insurance package consists of is decided by the Dutch government and can change annually.
When do i need Dutch health insurance?
If you are planning to work or to do a paid internship, you are obliged to take out basic Dutch health insurance. If you are not working in the Netherlands, you can keep your home country insurance or take out private health insurance if necessary.
How can I save on my Dutch student health insurance?
To save on your premium, you can opt for a higher voluntary deductible. Furthermore, you can select a plan limiting the freedom of selection regarding healthcare providers only to those with a contract with your insurer. With such a policy, you can still visit another healthcare provider with lower coverage.


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