Frequently asked questions

On this page, we answer questions that our visitors (mostly foreign students) have frequently asked.

Do I have to take Dutch health care insurance?

If you are planning to work in the Netherlands while you’re studying, it is possible that you are obliged to take out Dutch basic healthcare insurance. Visit our page on the Dutch basic healthcare insurance for more information. Everyone is free in choosing their own healthcare insurance company, moreover, the insurance companies are obliged to take in any person who applies for insurance regardless of their health condition.

What do I need if I apply for public healthcare insurance?

In the Netherlands you need to have a citizen service number, ‘burgerservicenummer’ (BSN), to apply for healthcare insurance. Every Dutch citizen has this unique number. You need this number in order to register with a Dutch insurance company.

How do I obtain a citizen service number?

To obtain the BSN you’ll have to get registered at the local town hall. After this registration, you will receive a confirmation letter from your municipality with your BSN number.

What if I do not apply for public healthcare insurance?

If you are obliged to have Dutch basic healthcare insurance and you did not apply for one, you risk a fine. If you don’t get insurance within 3 months, you risk a fine of 130% of the nominal premium of the basic healthcare insurance.

What is a basic healthcare insurance?

The government has compiled a basic insurance package that is applicable for every citizen in the Netherlands. Every insurance company offers this basic package with equal coverage. Basic healthcare insurance covers for example medical aid, hospital admission and maternity care.

Where can I get the European health insurance card?

If you are still insured in your home country, you are able to receive the EHIC from your insurance company. If you are insured at a Dutch healthcare insurance company, you can also apply for one at this insurance company.

What is a ‘natura’ insurance?

A “Natura” insurance is a type of healthcare insurance where the insurance company has made contractual arrangements with several healthcare providers. Whenever you make use of one of the services of one of those healthcare providers, the bill will be sent to your healthcare insurance company. Your insurance company will cover the costs.

What is a refund insurance?

Refund insurance is a type of healthcare insurance where you can freely choose your own healthcare providers. Whenever you make use of the services of a healthcare provider, you will have to pay the bill in advance and declare it afterwards at your insurance company.

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