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In the Netherlands, you can choose from 39 health insurers spread over 10 parent companies. All these health insurers offer various (target group-specific) insurance packages. This does not make it easier for you to make a choice, as there are many different options. Which healthcare provider and which insurance is right for me? To help you find an answer to these questions, we have listed the most important information for you per Dutch health insurer.

Alle zorgverzekeraars

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Achmea has a rich history and was founded in 1811 by a farmer in the Frisian town of Achlum. After numerous mergers, the company eventually became what it is today: the largest insurer in the Netherlands with a market share of about 30 percent. Several health insurers fall under the Achmea umbrella, of which Zilveren Kruis is the largest.

For the method of sustainable investment, Achmea receives a score from the independent research organization VBDO:

The Achmea group includes the following brands: De Friesland, FBTO, ZieZo, Zilveren Kruis, Studenten Goed Verzekerd and Interpolis.

Health insurance De Friesland

De Friesland

This originally Frisian organization is now known throughout the Netherlands. You can take out basic insurance and supplement it with supplementary and/or dental insurance of your choice. Conveniently, almost all insurance matters can be arranged online. As a student you can take advantage of a collective advantage here.

De Friesland

Health insurance FBTO


FBTO has been around for more than 50 years and is originally an insurance company from the north of the country for farmers and horticulturists. FBTO is therefore an abbreviation for Frisian Farmers and Tuinders Onderlinge. FBTO is now part of Achmea and an insurance company that distinguishes itself through the endless options of different modules.


Health insurance ZieZo

Zilveren Kruis ZieZo

ZieZo is Zilveren Kruis’s compact health insurance policy. You can take out clear health insurance at ZieZo that covers the most important things for a low price. Almost everything is arranged online at ZieZo, there is an online chat, a handy app and an online pharmacy.


Health insurance Zilveren Kruis

Zilveren Kruis

Zilveren Kruis has the ambition to offer high quality at a low price. In addition, this health insurer has special health insurance for students with a lower premium. You can also opt for different packages to insure extra care.

Zilveren Kruis



Interpolis is an insurer that focuses on clear communication. They don’t want to make insurance more complicated than it is. Interpolis has two different basic health insurance policies and various supplementary packages. There is a special package for students with a competitive premium.


ASR Insurance Group was established in 1997, after the City of Rotterdam took over both Europasche Verzekeringen and De Amersfoortse. At ASR, they want to contribute to a fair and sustainable society with their insurance policies. You can take out various health insurance policies with this insurer like De Amersfoortse.

For the method of sustainable investment, the ASR of the independent research organization VBDO receives a score of:

The ASR group includes the following brand: De Amersfoortse.

Health insurance a.s.r.

a.s.r. => ik kies zelf

a.s.r. => ik kies zelf, has been offering health insurance policies since 2011, which you can take out directly online. It is possible with the insurance policies to switch the various additional coverages on and off. This allows you to choose exactly the coverage for the care you think you need.


Health insurance Amersfoortse

De Amersfoortse

De Amersfoortse is part of ASR. This insurer is somewhat more expensive than average, but on the other hand, more is reimbursed from additional packages. You also have a 100% free choice of care with this insurer. In addition, they offer a lot of customized care. For example, as an independent entrepreneur, you can receive coaching if you are ill to get back to work quickly.


CZ is a non-profit health insurer and one of the largest in the Netherlands, with a market share of more than 20 per cent. The insurer was founded in 1930 as the Central Health Fund Foundation. CZ aims to keep healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone. You can choose from four different health insurance policies with this insurer.

For the method of sustainable investment, CZ receives a score from the independent research organization VBDO:

The CZ group includes the following brands: Just, OHRA, CZ and CDdirect.

Health insurance Just


Just is the youth-oriented part of the Central Health Insurance Fund (CZ). Just’s premium is lower because you arrange everything online. The insurer itself believes that with Just you only insure what is really necessary. They want to make it as easy as possible for you and to be reliable and affordable.


Health insurance OHRA


OHRA OHRA was originally an insurance company for civil servants. This is reflected in the name, because OHRA is an abbreviation for Mutual Health Insurance Fund of Higher Government Officials. Everyone can now register with this insurer and they offer services and packages directly to the customer.


Zorgverzekeraar CZ


With this health insurance they want to go further than the competition. This results in an online environment and customer service that is always ready for you. CZ offers various basic health insurance policies and especially for young people, CZ has additional health insurance that fits well with their lifestyle.


Healthcare insurer CZdirect


Looking for affordable online health insurance? Via CZdirect, the online health insurance of major health insurer CZ, you can take out a policy in kind for a low premium. Although CZdirect works with contracted care providers, you can choose from more than 45,000 care professionals throughout the country. Online you can arrange practically everything for your health insurance: from declarations, getting advice to changing your health insurance. An interesting option for both young people and students!



DSW is one of the smallest insurers but has an excellent reputation. The founder is from Schiedam. Initially, the insurer focused on Westland, but since 2015 the insurer has also focused on Twente. A separate label has been set up for the people from this region, InTwente. DSW distinguishes itself every year by being the first insurer to announce the new premiums.

Health insurance DSW


DSW is a transparent insurer. They always indicate exactly how the premium is built up and they are just as clear about reimbursements. The deductible at DSW is always lower than at all other insurers, because they pay a part out of their own pocket. They also have a low premium for students.

Health insurance In Twente

In Twente

InTwente is an idiosyncratic insurer especially for residents in and around Twente. Together with DSW, this health insurer is always the first to announce the new premium and they often offer a discount on the deductible. At InTwente they focus on good and accessible care in the area. There is a special policy for students with a competitive premium.

Health insurance Stad Holland

Stad Holland

Stad Holland is a small health insurer where service is of paramount importance. Reliability has top priority. The products are only offered through insurance advisors, so that you always get the best help in choosing the right insurance.


Eno is the smallest insurance group in the Netherlands. The insurer does have a rich history. The company was founded in 1860. Eno’s ambition is to make a major contribution to healthcare as a small insurer. Eno distinguishes itself with the HollandZorg label, specially created for people who come to live and work in the Netherlands temporarily.

Health insurance Salland


Salland is a small and regional health insurer. You can only take out insurance with Salland if you live in their region. The insurer distinguishes itself because you can repay your deductible in installments here and you also receive various discounts on healthcare products and other items, such as outings or sportswear.



Since introducing the new health care system, competition has not picked up as the government had hoped. Eucare is trying to change this. This new player on the Dutch health insurance market has been active in the Netherlands since the beginning of 2019 and focuses on customized insurance through proxy Aevitae.

Health insurance Aevitae


At Aevitea, people are central and you notice this in the insurance policies and the contact with the insurer. Their goal is to do everything ‘just a little differently’. When you have questions regarding care, you can get personal advice, and whenever you run into problems, Aevitae tries to look further than anyone else. All this is to provide the best care.


Menzis was founded in 1836 by doctors, pharmacists and dentists and aimed to give everyone the right to care. Menzis is now one of the largest players in the Dutch health insurance market and is mainly active in the north of the Netherlands. Menzis includes several well-known names, such as the health insurance of HEMA and Anderzorg.

For the method of sustainable investment, Menzis receives a score from the independent research organization VBDO:

The CZ group includes the following brands: Anderzorg, HEMA, Menzis and PMA.

Health insurance Anderzorg


Anderzorg mainly focuses on young people, where you can take out health insurance at a very low price. They have been delivering one of the lowest premiums for more than ten years in a row. You do compromise on service, Anderzorg can mainly be reached online and the intention is that you mainly arrange a lot yourself.


Health insurance HEMA


In addition to the well-known smoked sausage and delicious €2 breakfast, you can also take out health insurance at HEMA since 2014. In addition to basic insurance, you can take out three different supplementary and/or three different dental insurance policies.


Health insurance Menzis


Menzis is the fourth largest Dutch health insurer. At Menzis you can choose from three types of basic insurance policies. These policies can be extended as desired with various additional insurance policies that match different healthcare needs.


Health insurance PMA


ONVZ distinguishes itself from all other insurers in that they focus solely on health insurance and nothing else. This small insurer has clearly specialized and therefore offers extensive additional health insurance to offer the complete package.

For the method of sustainable investment, ONVZ receives a score of:

The CZ group includes the following brands: ONVZ, PNOzorg and VvAA.

Health insurance ONVZ


Health insurer ONVZ was founded in 1933. This insurer’s basic health insurance is a reimbursement policy: this means that you have complete freedom to choose the care provider you wish to undergo treatment. You are therefore not bound by contracted care. In addition to the basic package, you can choose from more than six additional health insurance policies and five dental insurance policies.


Health insurance VvAA


VvAA is a health insurance policy for people who work in healthcare. Medical and paramedical students can also take out health insurance with VVAA. There are attractive discounts and additional coverage packages especially for them that match the student’s life.


VGZ was founded almost 300 years ago from a solidarity idea of ​​carpenters from Nijmegen. They set up a cooperative under the name of Stichting Volksgezondheidszorg Zuid Nederland. Today, this cooperative has grown into the second-largest health insurer in the Netherlands. They offer insurance through no fewer than 13 different labels and are not for profit.

For the method of sustainable investment, VGZ receives a score from the independent research organization VBDO:

The CZ group includes the following brands: VGZ, Bewuzt, United Consumers, Univé, Zekur, IZA, IZZ and UMC.

Health insurance Bewuzt


Bewuzt is the youth division of the insurance company VGZ. Bewuzt therefore focuses on students with allowances and premiums. For a low premium you insure exactly those things that are important to young people. You can also arrange all your insurance matters online.


Health insurer United Consumers

United Consumers

United Consumers – Under the umbrella of health insurer VGZ, the health care collective of United Consumers offers up to a 10% group discount on basic health insurance. The interest group is committed to reducing the fixed costs of Dutch consumers: the discount on VGZ health insurance is one of these initiatives. You can choose from three types of basic insurance, depending on the desired free healthcare choice.

United Consumers

Health insurance VGZ


VGZ is the second largest insurer in the Netherlands. For example, Bewuzt is part of VGZ and the insurer is also related to Univé. The insurer offers basic insurance and a large number of additional health insurance policies.


Health insurance Unive


Univé is one of the largest providers of health insurance in the Netherlands. As a cooperative organization, Unive operates on a non-profit basis, so the customers are members at the same time. The members are central to Univé, which is reflected in the services and products that Univé offers.


Health insurance Zekur


ZEKUR is the budget label of health insurer Univé. At ZEKUR they want to go back to the essence of insurance, which results in a low premium, among other things. In addition to health insurance, you can also find insurance bundles in areas such as living or driving.


Health insurance iza


IZA was originally the insurer for government employees. Since the privatization of healthcare, everyone can insure themselves with IZA. Traditionally, civil servants receive a discount, there are no separate arrangements for students. They do try to offer different packages for different life phases.

Health insurance izz


IZZ was founded from the perspective of healthcare and for employees within healthcare. Whether you are a doctor or an administrator Rative employee in a hospital, IZZ is the health insurer you can go to. They offer various packages with a discount for healthcare workers.

Health insurance umc


UMC is the health insurer for everyone who works at a University Medical Center. This health insurer is therefore not suitable for everyone. Family members of those who work at a University Medical Center can register with the UMC. There is a competitive premium and free choice in healthcare providers for every insured person.

Zorg & Zekerheid

Zorg en Zekerheid is a small, regional insurer based in Leiden. The insurer wants to be close to the people and its customers, which is possible because of the regional approach. The goal is to offer everyone the care and security they deserve in a personal way. This has been the mission of this insurer for over 200 years.

Health insurance Zorg en Zekerheid

Zorg & Zekerheid

Zorg en Zekerheid (ZZ) is a merger of various health insurance funds from the Leiden region and this health insurer still focuses on this region. Zorg en Zekerheid aims to put affordable insurance on the market and to make it accessible to its policyholders.

Zorg & Zekerheid


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