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Since 2014, the Dutch department store chain HEMA, founded in 1926, also offers various insurance policies, including health insurance. To be able to offer health insurance, HEMA collaborates with health insurer Menzis. This health insurer is concerned with purchasing care, making agreements with care providers and is also the risk bearer of all insurance policies offered by HEMA. You can find more information on the HEMA website:

Website of HEMA

HEMA health insurance policies 2024

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HEMA health insurance premium overview from past years

HEMA health insurance premium overview
Year Mix
2024 € 141,75
2023 €135.00
2022 €119.50
2021 €119.00
2020 €113.00
2019 €111.00
2018 €108.00
2017 €108.00
2016 €97.00
2015 €97.00
2014 €89.00

Advantages HEMA for students

  • Competitive premium;
  • Clear insurance terms and conditions in an understandable language;
  • Easily arrange your affairs online and via the declaration app;
  • No acceptance conditions for supplementary and dental insurance;
  • Extra discounts on the HEMA range with the health care card and extra services, such as the free children’s care line.

Disadvantages HEMA for students

  • Although the options are not limited, you do not have a free choice of hospital care: you are dependent on contracted care providers for full reimbursement of the healthcare costs;
  • In the supplementary insurance policies it is not possible to obtain reimbursement for alternative medicine or glasses & lenses.

Basic package HEMA

At HEMA you can take out one type of basic insurance: a ‘natura’ policy. The content of the basic insurance is determined by the government: it is therefore the same for all health insurers. Health insurers are, however, free to make agreements with health care providers. Insurers are then able to offer care at a sharper premium via certain ‘natura’ policies: this is also the case with HEMA. The choice of care providers is slightly more limited to only contracted healthcare providers, although that does not mean that the choice can still be quite wide.



What exactly are you reimbursed under the basic insurance? Just as the name suggests, basic care: you receive reimbursement for medication, visits to the doctor, medication and, for example, ambulance transport to the hospital and the accommodation and treatment costs there. Finally, you can choose to increase your deductible (up to €885): you pay a lower premium but bear a higher risk yourself if you are confronted with a high health care bill.

Additional packages HEMA

In addition to the basic insurance, you can expand HEMA coverage with various supplementary insurance policies. For example, are you looking for extra coverage for several physiotherapy treatments per year? Or maybe you’re looking for full contraception reimbursement? HEMA offers three different packages that respond to different care needs. It concerns the packages Aanvullend 1, Aanvullend 2 and Aanvullend 3.

Additional dental insurance

You can also contact HEMA for additional dental insurance, three packages even! The dental insurance policies offer extensive coverage for all types of dental treatments, including expensive treatments such as the fitting of crowns, bridges or implants. You can opt for the Tandarts 1, Tandarts 2 and Tandarts 3 packages. The latter package offers the most extensive reimbursement (€750,- per year) and acceptance conditions do not apply. This means that it is not necessary to enclose a dental statement or complete a questionnaire to report the condition of your teeth. The packages do not provide reimbursement for orthodontics.

Extra services HEMA

HEMA offers various extra services to its customers. For example, HEMA works with care advisors who ask you personal questions and, for example, help with the search for a suitable care provider. Even if you are about to move, the healthcare advisor can help you find a new dentist or general practitioner. In addition, HEMA offers a handy declaration app: with the push of a button, you take a photo of your invoice and send it directly to HEMA. You can then follow the status of your claim.

Discounts HEMA

With your HEMA health insurance card, you get a 10% discount (in all Dutch shops) on almost all products in the entire HEMA range, except for books, gift cards, telecom products and insurance. This discount is in addition to any existing offers! There is also a nice discount for the kids: they can receive a 50% discount all year round at the Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen.

Contact details HEMA

Contact details HEMA
Phone 0900 411 41 14
Email Website Contact Form
Post PO Box 704, 7500 AS Enschede
Facebook Facebook.com/hema
Twitter @hema

Website of HEMA

Sustainability HEMA

Does HEMA pay attention to a responsible and sustainable investment policy? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has investigated a few things in this regard. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, HEMA has a score of 2.8 on a scale of 1 to 5. Important points of attention include the consequences for people, the environment, society and management of the company. .

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