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Jaaah is a label of health insurer ONVZ, launched in November 2020. This digital insurance is aimed at students and young professionals looking for simplicity, convenience, and clarity in health insurance. In other words, customers who would rather not be bothered with reading the fine print in insurance conditions! For a low premium, you can take out ‘in-kind’ basic health insurance. You get free dental accident insurance and only take out the additional coverage you need. On this page, you will find extensive information about Jaaah’s health insurance.

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Jaaah health insurance policies

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Jaaah health insurance premium overview from past years

Health insurer Jaaah health premium overview
Year In-kind policy
2023 €130.90
2022 €119.75
2021 €115,-

Advantages Jaaah

  • Low premium and high discount with maximum voluntary excess
  • Easily arrange all your insurance matters via the app
  • Free dental accident insurance

Disadvantages Jaaah

  • Limited choice of additional insurance policies, only coverage for physiotherapy and the dentist

Basic package Jaaah

The basic package of Jaaah’s health insurance is an in-kind policy. This means that you have a somewhat limited choice of healthcare providers when it comes to medical, plannable care. You will only be reimbursed the full costs with contracted care providers. With an in-kind policy, the bill is paid directly by your health insurer, so you usually don’t have to do anything yourself.

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Supplementary health insurance

In addition to basic health insurance, you can choose from the following additional health insurance policies at Jaaah:

  • Jaaah Physio: reimbursement of 6 physiotherapy treatments per year;
  • Jaaah Tand: reimbursement 75% of your dental costs up to a maximum of €150 per year.

Additional services

Jaaah operates under the wings of ONVZ, which is why you benefit from more than 85 years of experience in the insurance world and reliable customer service. You can easily and quickly arrange all your insurance matters via the app, including changing your details or submitting claims. If you have any questions, you can also easily contact us via Chat on the website or, for example, WhatsApp.

Discounts at Jaaah

You benefit from a low premium at Jaaah. There are no special discounts for students. You do get a high discount on the basic premium if you opt for a high voluntary deductible. Do you choose to pay your premium for the entire year at once? Then you get an extra 2% discount!

Contact details

Information and contact
Contact information
Chat ikzeg.jaaah.nl/chat
Phone number 030 – 6396390
WhatsApp 06 – 82768183
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Jaaahzorgverzekering/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/Jaaahzorgverzekering/

Website of Jaaah


Are Jaaah investments made sustainably and responsibly? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has researched this. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, given the results of parent company ONVZ, Jaaah scores a 2.0 on a scale of 1 to 5. Factors that weigh in include the consequences for people, the environment and society.

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