‘Every human counts’ is the motto of health insurer Menzis. On 1 January 2006, Menzis was established due to a merger between the insurance companies Geové, Amicon and NVS. With approximately 2 million customers, Menzis can call itself the number 3 health insurer in the Netherlands. The head office is located in Wageningen, but Menzis also has offices in Groningen and Enschede. The insurance labels HEMA, Azivo and Anderzorg also belong to Menzis.

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Menzis health insurance premium overview from past years

Health insurer Menzis health insurance premium overview
Year Restitutie Natura Budget
2023 €152.75 €141.25 €134.50
2022 €143.75 €133.25 €119.00
2021 €140.00 €130.00 €117.00
2020 €133.00 €123.00 €111.00
2019 €125.00 €122.00 €109.00
2018 €122.00 €119.00 €103.00
2017 €122.00 €119.00 €103.00
2016 €109.75 €107.00 €90.75
2015 €108.25 €104.25 €90.75
2014 €99.50 €95.50 €86.50
2013 €110.50 €106.00 €97.25
2012 €111.00 €106.50
2011 €108.75 €104.75

Advantages Menzis for students

  • Easily declare your healthcare costs online (via your declaration app) and change your data
  • Expert and friendly customer service with an eye for the insured
  • Supplementary health insurance specifically aimed at young people
  • The Menzis Healthy Together program stimulates a healthy lifestyle and rewards you as an insured with discounts and great health products

Disadvantages Menzis for students

  • In relation to other insurers, Menzis charges a slightly higher premium for the basic insurance on average
  • Claims are handled quickly and efficiently. However, the information provided on benefit specifications is not always specific enough. In certain cases, this makes checking the correctness of this data more difficult

Basic package Menzis

The basic insurance of Menzis reimburses the most basic care, such as general practitioner care, the reimbursement of medication and, for example, hospital transport or hospital stay. Although the cover in the basic package is the same with every insurer, you can choose from different policies.

The most advantageous variant (Basis Voordelig) offers an online platform where you can arrange your insurance matters yourself without personal contact. In addition, the reimbursement for care providers with whom Menzis does not have a contract is much lower. On the other hand, the Basis Vrij package gives you freedom of choice in care providers at a higher premium. Even if you have not concluded a contract with them, they will reimburse you the full amount.

Additional packages Menzis

Do you opt for the Menzis Basis Voordelig basic insurance? You can extend this insurance with the supplementary packages ‘Aanvullend’ and ‘Aanvullend Extra’. If you opt for Menzis Basis or Menzis Basis Vrij, you can choose from the ExtraVerzorgd1, ExtraVerzorgd 2, ExtraVerzorgd 3 and JongerenVerzorgd packages. Coverage varies from physiotherapy and dental costs to emergency care abroad. In general, the higher the premium of the package, the more extensive the reimbursements.

Especially for students: JongerenVerzorgd

Menzis has created the Youth Care package, especially for young people and students. The package contains reimbursements that are interesting for students, including contraception, dental visits or physiotherapy.

Depending on your care needs, you can opt for a more or less extensive supplement to your basic insurance. The Youth Care package is in line with the average care need of a young student. This package offers cover for the most common health care costs that you may encounter as a student. The ExtraVerzorgd packages do not offer additional cover for dental costs. Are you looking for additional reimbursement for dental costs? You can take out various additional dental insurance policies with Menzis.

Additional dental insurance

Through the basic insurance of Menzis, children up to the age of 18 are fully reimbursed for dental costs via the parents’ health insurance. From the age of 18, the reimbursement of dental costs is not included in the basic package, which means that if you are looking for reimbursement for dental costs, you can take out additional dental insurance. You can choose from three insurance options: TandVerzorgd 250, TandVerzorgd 500 or TandVerzorgd 750.

Extra diensten Menzis

Menzis offers various extra services. In addition to the handy declaration app to declare your healthcare costs quickly and efficiently, it is possible to save points with the SamenGezond program. If, after completing questionnaires or participating in certain (sporting) activities, it appears that you have a healthy lifestyle, you will receive a discount on various (care) products and other fun health products.

Menzis discounts

If you have health insurance with Menzis, you will regularly receive a discount on health care products. At the moment it is possible to get an extra discount on the purchase of your glasses or contact lenses. This discount applies to opticians Specsavers, Hans Anders and Eye Wish, among others. By participating in the Healthy Together program, you can build up a nice discount in this way. Keep an eye on the website for current discount promotions!

Contact details Menzis

Information and contact
Phone 088 222 40 40
Email Website Contact Form
Post PO Box 75000, KC Enschede
Twitter @menzis

Sustainability Menzis

To what extent does Menzis look at responsible and sustainable investments? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) provides insight into the sustainability of health insurers. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, Menzis has a score of 2.8 on a scale of 1 to 5. What exactly is being investigated? This includes policy concerning the environment, people and society.

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