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Nationale Nederlanden offers various financial services. Whether you want to invest or take out insurance, Nationale Nederlanden has got you covered. For several years now you can also take out health insurance.

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Nationale Nederlanden health insurance policies 2024

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Healthcare premium overview from past years

Nationale Nederlanden health insurance premium overview from past years
Year Refund
2024 €- €147,00 €140,50
2023 €137.45
2022 €132.15
2021 €129.44
2020 €119.08
2019 €128.60
2018 €119.58
2017 €115.83
2016 €98.90
2015 €98.78
2014 €94.51
2013 €108.45
2012 €111.50
2011 €106.49

Advantages Nationale Nederlanden

  • Discount on the basic health insurance (3% discount) and the additional health insurance (9% discount).
  • Extensive additional packages.

Disadvantages of Nationale Nederlanden for students

  • The basic health insurance package of Nationale Nederlanden is a restitution policy (you can choose any hospital for planned care) and therefore relatively expensive.
  • The premium is the same for every age, so you will not receive a youth discount.

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Nationale Nederlanden basic package

The basic package of Nationale Nederlanden provides cover for, among other things, consultations with the general practitioner, hospital care and medicines. The basic package also includes coverage for ‘luxury nursing’. This coverage provides luxury facilities during your hospital stay, such as a good internet connection and TV and, for example, a travel allowance for your partner.

The basic package of Nationale Nederlanden can be supplemented with various extra modules.

Additional Packages

Nationale Nederlanden offers various supplementary insurance policies, which you can take out on top of your basic package. This way, you can put together a package for the care you need. It is good to know that Nationale Nederlanden does not conduct a medical selection before admitting you to health insurance.

Various additional packages

Nationale Nederlanden has five different supplementary insurance policies. The names of these are policies are Start, Extra, Complete, Comfort and Combi. The names actually indicate what each package stands for, and the more expensive the package, the more extensive you are insured. To give an example, if you only visit the physiotherapist once a year, the Extra supplementary package may already be sufficient. However, if you see the physiotherapist weekly, it may be advisable to go for Complete or Comfort.

Dental insurance

Nationale Nederlanden offers four different dental insurance policies for everyone over the age of 18. In addition, you can also opt for the Combi package, additional insurance that also offers coverage for dental costs. Additional dental insurance can be useful since the dentist and dental hygienist costs can be very high. With dental insurance, you are entitled to reimbursement for preventive checkups, any cavities, associated anaesthetics and when placing crowns and implants.

The type of dental insurance you choose determines the maximum reimbursement amount to which you are entitled. If you take out dental insurance with a high reimbursement, you may have to fill in a questionnaire or visit the dentist before you are accepted for this dental insurance. Insurers do this to prevent people from only taking out insurance if they already have many complaints. Finally, it is good to know that orthodontics is not covered by dental insurance.

Students and Nationale Nederlanden

The health insurance of Nationale Nederlanden does not offer a special discount for young people or students, but you do receive a discount on services and articles that promote health. Think of sports subscriptions and certain travel vaccines.

Discounts at Nationale Nederlanden

When you take out health insurance with Nationale Nederlanden, you will receive several nice discounts.

Sports and Health Centers

With your health insurance from Nationale Nederlanden, for example, you get a discount on a membership at certain affiliated fitness centers in the Netherlands.


In addition, thanks to your health insurance with Nationale Nederlanden, you will receive attractive discounts on a day in the sauna, travel vaccines and the purchase of lenses or glasses. You can check their website for an up-to-date overview of all discounts.

Contact details

Contact details Nationale Nederlanden
Contact information
Email Contact form
Post PO Box 93604, 2509 AV The Hague
Whatsapp +31 (0)6 12 97 20 45

Website of Nationale Nederlanden

Sustainability of the Nationale Nederlanden

Can the investments of health insurer Nationale Nederlanden be regarded as ‘sustainable’ and ‘responsible’? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has opened a book about this. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, Nationale Nederlanden has a score of 2.2 on a scale of 1 to 5. Important points for attention include the policy regarding the environment, people and governance of the company. p>

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