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Insurer ONVZ (Onderlinge Nationale Verzekering tegen Ziekenhuiskosten) operates on a non-profit basis and has been in existence since 1933. At ONVZ you can choose to expand your basic insurance with a supplementary package. In addition to these six additional packages, you can choose from one of the five dental insurance policies, if desired. You can find more information on the ONVZ website:

Website of ONVZ

ONVZ health insurance policies

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Health insurer ONVZ health premium overview
Year Refund
2023 €142.50
2022 €134.50
2021 €134.50
2020 €133.00
2019 €129.98
2018 €118.34
2017 € 115.91
2016 €106.65
2015 €101.85
2014 €96.51
2013 €107.31
2012 €107.31
2011 €107.00

Advantages ONVZ for students

  • 100% free choice of care
  • Possible to declare via the app
  • Wide choice of additional packages

Disadvantages ONVZ for students

  • It is not possible to take out a ‘natura’ policy. As a result, the premium of the basic insurance is relatively high

Basic package ONVZ

ONVZ offers one basic insurance: the ‘restitutie’ policy. This means that you are completely free to choose a healthcare provider. The contents of the basic insurance are the same for every health insurer. This can be supplemented with different packages.


Additional Packages

Compared to other insurers, ONVZ offers many additional packages. The six packages are listed in the table below with the most common treatments and reimbursements. Startfit is the most basic supplementary package and Superfit is the most comprehensive. The latter cannot be contracted online and only via a request for quotation.

Students and ONVZ

At ONVZ, you have 100% freedom of choice and many students find this very desirable. This allows you to determine which healthcare provider you want to visit. ONVZ makes claiming easy because you can do this via the app.

Additional services ONVZ

ONVZ tries to make health insurance as easy as possible. This is reflected in the freedom of choice but also in the possibility of engaging a ZorgConsulent. You can count on them if you need advice on, among other things, treatments, reimbursements and looking for a specific care provider.

Discounts at ONVZ

As an ONVZ insured person, you automatically become part of the ONVZ Members Collective. As a result, you will receive a 3% discount on basic health insurance and a 7% discount on the supplementary packages.

ONVZ does not offer a specific student discount. However, if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed person in addition to your student life, you can receive an extra discount on health insurance and additional packages via the Entrepreneurs Fit or ZZP Collective collectives.

Contact details ONVZ

Information and contact
Email Website Contact Form
Post PO Box 392, 3990 GD Houten
Facebook Facebook.com/onvz
Twitter @onvz

Website of ONVZ

Sustainability ONVZ

Looking for information about the sustainability of health insurer ONVZ? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has published a benchmark study on how sustainable Dutch health insurers are concerning investments. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, ONVZ has a score of 2.0 on a scale of 1 to 5. The survey looked at the policy consequences for the environment and society, among other things.

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