As of 2023 PNOzorg will continue under the name ONVZ

PNOzorg health insurance

An insurer that has been in the business for some time is PNOzorg. You can go to this insurer for about 60 years now for health insurance. The insurer still presents itself as a specialist in health insurance for people working in the creative and media industries. However, a much wider public already takes out the insurance. PNOzorg works together with health insurer ONVZ. This insurer is a risk bearer for the health insurance policies of PNOzorg.

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PNOzorg health insurance premium overview

Health insurer PNOZorg health insurance premium overview
Year Restitutie
2022 €134.50
2021 €134.50
2020 €133.00
2019 €129.98
2018 € 112.24
2017 €109.94
2016 €101.15
2015 €96.60
2014 €91.54
2013 €100.74
2012 €109.50
2011 €107.00

Additional PNOzorg packages

In addition to the basic PNOzorg package, you can choose from no fewer than five additional packages. The Start package already offers extensive basic cover, with reimbursement for 9 physiotherapy treatments, additional medical cover abroad and vaccinations. Depending on your care needs, you can also opt for one of the broader packages. In the most comprehensive package, Complete, you get high reimbursements for, among other things, contraception, alternative medicine, glasses & lenses and physiotherapy.

Additional dental insurance

The basic insurance only offers reimbursement for certain special dental procedures. If you are looking for reimbursement for common dental costs, you are dependent on one of the five additional dental insurance policies of PNOzorg: Tandplus Preventief, Tandplus A, Tandplus B, Tandplus C or Tandplus D. You will find detailed information about the extent to which these packages reimburse your dental costs.

Additional services PNOzorg

At PNOzorg, you can be assigned a personal care consultation. This personal care consultation is aware of your personal situation, offers guidance in the care process that awaits you and helps you clarify pressing questions. In addition, PNOzorg offers several extra online services, for example, via MijnPNO and the handy declaration app. You submit your claim at the push of a button (by uploading a photo of the care bill). The declaration is then processed quickly.

Discounts PNOzorg

PNOzorg offers all its customers, whether they are members of a certain group or not, a group discount on the additional health insurance. If you are a group member, you can receive a maximum of 5% group discount on the basic insurance. You also get a 7% discount on the supplementary insurance policies without group insurance.

Contact details PNOzorg

Contact details PNOzorg
Email Website Contact Form
Post PO Box 458, 3990 GG Houten
Twitter @pnozorg

Sustainability of PNOzorg

What about the sustainability of health insurer PNOzorg? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has published an interesting benchmark study on this. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, PNOzorg scores a 2.0 on a scale of 1 to 5. The survey includes policies relating to the environment, people and governance of the company.

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