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Pro Life is a health insurer with a Christian philosophy. This means that the care is based on biblical standards and values ​​and Pro Life ensures that Christian care is available for their policyholders. In this way you as a Christian can receive care that is in line with your living situation and with understanding for your faith.

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Healthcare premium overview from past years

Pro Life health insurance premium overview from past years
Year Refund Nature Budget
2023 € – €137.95 €131.95
2022 € – €124.90 €117.30
2021 € – €128.45 €120.95
2020 € – €125.45 €115.95
2019 €133.75 €126.95 €114.95
2018 €123.75 €119.45 €105.95
2017 €121.75 €117.45
2016 €113.25 €109.45
2015 €106.25 €102.45
2014 €99.95
2013 €108.25
2012 €108.25
2011 €105.85

Advantages Pro Life

  • Special discounts for young people and students up to 15%.
  • Two basic health insurance policies and extensive supplementary packages.

Disadvantages of Pro Life for students

  • The insurance is not for everyone. The Christian philosophy must match your religious conviction.

To Pro Life

Principe Polis Budget

With this package from Pro Life, you pay the lowest premium. The downside is that you have limited choice of healthcare providers. What is reimbursed does not differ from other basic health insurance packages because this is determined by law. You are insured for the costs of a visit to a doctor and hospital stay, among other things. In addition, emergency care is reimbursed at every hospital.

Principe Polis

With the Principe Policy package, you can choose from a large number of different contracted care providers. In this case, the care is 100% reimbursed. With the other care providers, you will receive a reimbursement of 75%.

Principe Polis Restitutie

With this package, you pay the highest premium and you can choose not only from the contracted care providers but from all care providers. You will then be reimbursed 100% everywhere or, in exceptional cases, the market rate.

Additional Packs Pro Life

In addition to the basic health insurance packages, you can take out additional insurance with Pro Life. At Pro Life you can choose from four different additional packages.


With this policy you are reimbursed for 9 physiotherapy treatments, contraception, medical care abroad and Christian psychosocial assistance with a maximum of €250 per year.


With this policy you will receive all reimbursements from the Smallpolis with a higher maximum amount and more physiotherapy treatments. You will also receive a maternity package and reimbursement for alternative medicine.


This policy reimburses the same as the Medium policy, but you receive a higher maximum reimbursement and more physiotherapy treatments. In addition, this supplementary insurance also includes orthodontics up to a maximum of €2000 on an annual basis.

Extra Largepolis

This is the most comprehensive supplementary package and this policy offers the highest benefits. For example, physiotherapy is reimbursed up to 36 treatments and Christian psychosocial assistance is also reimbursed up to a higher amount with this policy.

Dental insurance

Pro Life offers a choice of three different dental insurance policies. This can be useful because the costs at the dentist and dental hygienist can easily add up. By opting for dental insurance, Pro Life will reimburse you for preventive checkups and a (partial) reimbursement for treatments.

The dental insurance policies at Pro Life are called Tand Small, Tand Medium and Tand Large. Depending on the dental insurance you choose, you will receive a certain maximum compensation. If you want to take out the Tand Large insurance, you must go through a medical selection in advance. Insurers do this to prevent people from only taking out insurance if they already have complaints.

Students and Pro Life

Pro Life health insurance offers young people and students special discounts. If you are going to pay for your health insurance yourself as a student, you will receive a 10% discount on your basic health insurance and a whopping 15% discount on supplementary insurance. Do your parents pay the health insurance premium? Then you will only receive a discount if your parents are also entitled to it. If you are a young person but not a student, you may be eligible for an 8% discount on basic health insurance and supplementary insurance.

Additional services Pro Life

You can arrange a lot online via My Pro Life. In addition, Pro Life is also a care mediator for Christian care. If you are looking for such care but are not (yet) insured with Pro Life, you can still contact this health insurer. From the point of view of charity, you can go to the Pro Life site for all kinds of advice about Christian care. Whether it’s about getting pregnant naturally or information about Christian quality marks, the Pro Life site contains all kinds of useful tips in this area.

Discounts at Pro Life

When you take out health insurance with Pro Life, you are entitled to various services and discounts.

Basic health insurance
If you only have basic health insurance with Pro Life, you are entitled to the following free extra services:

  • Help with medical-ethical questions
  • Online Christian self-help via e-mind
  • Personal online environment
  • Care abroad, such as access to the holiday doctor

Additional insurance
If you have also taken out additional health insurance with Pro Life, you will receive a discount on the following health care products and services:

  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Laser eye surgery and lens implantation
  • Diabetes aids
  • Maternity package (from the additional medium policy)

Pro life contact details

Contact details Prolife
Phone 033 422 81 88 (Mon-Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm)
Twitter @prolife

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