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From 2022 you will arrange all your insurance matters for Promovendum directly with VGZ.

At Promovendum, you can take out health insurance and various other insurance policies. The health insurance is offered in collaboration with iptiQ, risk bearer and subsidiary of the Swiss Re financial institution. The (student) health insurance is accessible to everyone, while the other insurances are specifically aimed at the highly educated. Students receive an extra discount on health insurance with Promovendum. Below you will find more information about the health insurance of Promovendum.

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Promovendum health premium overview

Promovendum health insurance premium overview
Year Nature
2021 €118.25
2020 € 115.50
2019 €107.50
2018 €107.50
2017 €97.90
2016 €92.90
2015 €92.90
2014 €81.90
2013 €92.90

Advantages Promovendum for students

  • Extra discount on the premium for students
  • Extensive choice of different care providers
  • Additional discounts for glasses & lenses, aids, sports and relaxation and prevention

Disadvantages Promovendum for students

  • Not possible to submit your claim via an app
  • No refund policy to take out

Basic package Promovendum

Students receive a group discount of more than 5% on the basic health insurance of Promovendum. By opting for a high voluntary excess, you can also receive an additional premium discount of €20 per month. Basic health insurance provides cover for basic health care costs, such as visits to a doctor, hospital care, patient transport and certain medicines. The content of the basic health insurance is the same for all health insurers. With Promovendum you take out an extensive ‘natura’ policy: this means that you are bound to contracted care providers for a full reimbursement. The choice of care providers at Promovendum is very wide, giving you many options.

Additional insurance policies Promovendum

Perhaps the basic health insurance does not cover the care you need. In that case, you can take out additional health insurance for various special forms of care. The Fysio, Tandarts, Buitenland and Anticonceptie modules include cover for physiotherapy, dental costs or cover for emergency medical care abroad. The reimbursement amount can be determined for the Physio, Abroad and Dentist modules, depending on your personal wishes.

Dental insurance Promovendum

The reimbursement of dental costs, for example, for the dentist, dental hygienist, endodontist or periodontist, can be additionally insured with Promovendum through dental insurance Tandarts. You can see exactly what this additional module reimburses on the website of Promovendum.

Additional services Promovendum

On the Promovendum website, you can easily arrange your student health insurance matters online, including submitting claims or changing certain insurance details. You can contact Promovendum at various telephone numbers, depending on your question. The health insurer is also easily accessible on social media, including Twitter or Facebook.

Discounts Promovendum

Students receive a collective discount with Promovendum. You can calculate the current student discount on the Promovendum website.

Contact details Promovendum

Contact details Promovendum
Phone 078 648 13 00
Twitter @promovendum

Sustainability Promovendum

To what extent can Promovendum’s investments be regarded as sustainable? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has examined the sustainability of investments by health insurers. In the study ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, Promovendum has a score of 0.3 on a scale of 1 to 5. The study looks at policies relating to society, the environment and the governance of the company.

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