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Studenten Goed Verzekerd is an initiative of student organizations LSVb (National Student Union) and ISO (Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg). In collaboration with health insurer Zilveren Kruis, students who study full-time at a Dutch university or college can benefit from a group discount through this healthcare collective. How exactly does the health insurance of Studenten Goed Verzekerd work and what is the discount you get?

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Studenten Goed Verzekerd health insurance premium overview from past years

Studenten Goed Verzekerd health insurance premium overview
Year Naturapolis Restitutie Policy Budget policy
2022 €122.03 €139.95 €114.90
2021 €122.03 €139.95 €114.90
2020 €110.15
2019 €103.46
2018 €95.36
2017 €94.46
2016 €87.26

Advantages Studenten Goed Verzekerd

  • Free Student Extra package with the supplementary insurance
  • Collaboration with major health insurer: Zilveren Kruis

Disadvantages Studenten Goed Verzekerd

  • Two points of contact, Studenten Goed Verzekerd and Zilveren Kruis

Basic Package Studenten Goed Verzekerd

You receive a 5% discount on basic health insurance through the health care collective of Studenten Goed Verzekerd. You can choose from 3 variants, depending on the desired freedom of choice from care providers. With Basis Budget you are somewhat limited in the choice of care providers, however, due to various agreements with care providers, this variant can be offered at a competitive premium. With Basis Zeker you have more freedom of choice, but you still have to deal with care providers with whom contracts have been concluded. Finally, with Basis Exclusief, a ‘restitutie’ policy, you are not tied to contracted care providers.

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Supplementary health insurance

In addition to your basic health insurance, you can choose various supplementary packages. Basic health insurance only provides cover for basic health care. Would you like additional insurance for unexpected, drastic events with high costs such as emergency care abroad, dental costs in the event of an accident or necessary transport to the Netherlands as a result of an accident? Then view the Basis Plus Module.

In addition to the Basis Plus Module, you may also need other, more extensive reimbursements. Perhaps you would like to be reimbursed for contraception, physiotherapy or alternative medicine from a supplementary package. The options that you have with Studenten Goed Verzekerd are classified in stars, just like with health insurer Zilveren Kruis. With 1 star you have a basic supplement to your health insurance that includes reimbursements for physiotherapy and emergency care abroad. With 4 stars you have very extensive coverage and reimbursements for, among other things, alternative medicine and glasses and lenses.

Dental insurance

If you are looking for reimbursement for dental costs, you can take out one of the 4 different supplementary dental insurances or the Basic insurance with reimbursement for 2 check-ups and the filling of any cavity. Depending on the expected dental care costs in the coming year and the condition of your teeth, you can opt for more or less extensive dental insurance.

Additional services

At Studenten Goed Verzekerd you make use of the extensive service level of Zilveren Kruis. This means that you can arrange your insurance matters online via the Zilveren Kruis online platform, including declarations and notification of changes. Questions? You can contact Studenten Goed Verzekerd on social media, including Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


With Studenten Goed Verzekerd you can benefit from an extra discount on supplementary and dental insurance and you receive the package ‘Studenten Extra’ for free when you take out supplementary insurance.

Contact information

Direct contact with Studenten Goed Verzekerd? For all your insurance questions, you will be referred on the website to health insurer Zilveren Kruis.

Contact information
Twitter @studentenpakket

Website of Studenten Goed Verzekerd

Sustainability Studenten Goed Verzekerd

How sustainable are investments made by Studenten Goed Verzekerd? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) published this in a benchmark study in 2019. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, Studenten Goed Verzekerd scores a 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Factors that were involved in the survey included policy on the environment and consequences for the environment and society.

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