Study limitations

Although a job or study disability can lead to severe impediments as a student, it is important to realise that you still can complete your studies successfully! The right support, guidance, information, tools and facilities can and will help you to make the road to completing your studies as smooth as possible.

On this page you will find information about various study limitations, the treatment and support options, possible resources and to what extent these items are eligible for reimbursement from your health insurance. Please note that this article only refers to the Dutch healthcare system.

What is a study restriction?

What exactly do we refer to when we talk about study limitations? The term does not limit itself to just functional aspects, like permanent physical ones, psychological limitations, sensory limitations or those related to motor skills. When we talk about study limitations we also include impactful family circumstances or burnout.

The Netherlands offers great additional services and help to those in need of extra help. Both MBO and HBO institutions as well as universities take the study limitations of their students into account. These institutions are aware of the fact that these limitations in many cases require extra time and energy from the students and support those students financially or in other terms. Read below how these institutions help students with study limitations in the Netherlands to finish their studies without a lot of extra effort.

Guidance, tools and other facilities

Many MBO and HBO institutions and universities offer additional support and personal facilities for the study limitation which students are dealing with. It is important to inform your study institute in order for them to know about your study limitation. Certain institutions have an information point designed for this, but in most cases, it is advisable to contact the dean of study adviser.


The WHW law (Higher Education and Scientific Research Act) states that every student has the right to study counselling. Your study institute, whether it is a university or an MBO or HBO institute, has multiple ways for you to obtain study counselling. Some examples are the dean, career counsellors, study advisors, student psychologists and some institutions work with buddies. These senior students assist you with your study and give you useful tips and insights.

Personal facilities and adjustments

Your educational institute can provide you with extra support concerning following lectures, workgroups and tests, depending on your study limitation. They can for example give you more time on projects, more time during tests, flexible presence obligations at workgroups and special software and hardware.

Rights based on the Dutch laws and regulations

Educational institutions must comply with the Equal Treatment Act. Under the WGBH/CZ (Equal Treatment on the grounds of disability or chronic illness), discrimination is prohibited in the provision of services (such as education!), work, goods and housing.

If you disagree with a decision regarding the application of, for example, aids, adjustments or other extra facilities, you can lodge an objection against this decision with the authority that took the decision. It may concern the examination committee of your educational institution, the UWV or DUO. The objection period is usually six weeks. Do you not agree with the decision on the objection? In certain cases, you can appeal to the Higher Education Appeals Tribunal.


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