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The consumer collective ‘UnitedConsumers’, founded in 2000, aims to reduce the fixed costs for consumers. The collective pursues this goal in various ways. UnitedConsumers has joined forces with health insurer VGZ to be able to offer affordable health insurance. The UnitedConsumers healthcare collective consists of more than 500,000 consumers, which means they can purchase healthcare on a large scale. For example, after a free registration, you can receive a 20% discount on your additional insurances with VGZ.

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UnitedConsumers health insurance policies 2024

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UnitedConsumers VGZ health insurance premium overview from past years

UnitedConsumers health insurance premium overview
Year Restitutie Natura Budget
2024 € 168,65 € 139,95 € 138,95
2023 €153.65 €141.95 €127.45
2022 €135.28 €126.02 €114.90
2021 €125.59 €118.23 €114.85
2020 €121.31 €113.95
2019 €114.25 €108.85
2018 €109.98 €104.58
2017 €107.05 €101.65
2016 €102.55 €97.15
2015 €102.55 €97.15
2014 €97.95
2013 €111.95
2012 € 112.25
2011 €109.75

Advantages UnitedConsumers for students

  • 20% discount on dental and additional insurance;
  • VGZ health insurer has a contract with all hospitals;
  • Own customer service and 24/7 free health advice;
  • Choose yourself: the discount on your basic insurance can be exchanged for a gift.

Disadvantages UnitedConsumers for students

  • TandZeker 500 package: 1 year waiting period for certain dental treatments, such as orthodontics and the placement of an implant, bridge or crown.

Basic Package UnitedConsumers

Basic care is reimbursed under UnitedConsumers’ basic insurance. This insurance offers reimbursement for the most common and basic care, such as visits to a doctor, certain medicines, hospital stays or ambulance transport. Via health insurer VGZ, you can choose from three variants, depending on the desired degree of freedom of choice and you will receive 20% discount on additional insurences.

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Additional packages UnitedConsumers

Although no group discount can be obtained on VGZ’s supplementary packages through the UnitedConsumers healthcare collective, you can choose to expand the basic insurance with one of the three supplementary insurance policies: Aanvullend Goed, Aanvullend Beter or Aanvullend Best. What are the most common reimbursements these packages offer?

Additional dental insurance

It is also optional to take out dental insurance in addition to your basic health insurance. Depending on the expected dental costs for the coming year and the desired reimbursement, you can choose Tand Goed, Tand Beter or Tand Best insurance variants. Acceptance conditions apply to the dental insurance policies Tand Beter and Tand Best, given the higher reimbursements.

Additional services UnitedConsumers

UnitedConsumers has its own personal customer service centre to answer all your health insurance questions, although UnitedConsumers is not actually the provider. You can, therefore, also contact the insurer VGZ. This insurer also offers a health line that is available 24 hours a day if you are, for example, in doubt whether it is wise to pay a visit with a certain ailment. To bring to the doctor. Moreover, you can easily declare online and view your data via your DigiD.

Discounts UnitedConsumers

If you take out health insurance with VGZ via UnitedConsumers, you can choose to receive a 20% group discount on your additional insurances. You can also exchange this discount for a gift, which You can view on the UnitedConsumers website.

Contact details UnitedConsumers

Contact information
Email zorg@unitedconsumers.com
Post Luchthavenweg 20, 5657 EB Eindhoven
Facebook Facebook.com/UnitedConsumers
Twitter @UnitedConsumers

Website of UnitedConsumers

Sustainability UnitedConsumers

Is UnitedConsumers investing sustainably? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has opened a book about this. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019′, UnitedConsumers scores 1.8 on a scale from 1 to 5. What exactly is weighted? The VBDO paid attention to the company’s social, environmental and governance policies.

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