VGZ is a large health insurer in the Netherlands and because they are not a profit-making company, VGZ tries to guarantee the quality of care as well as possible.

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VGZ health insurance premium overview from past years

Health insurer VGZ health insurance premium overview
Year Refund Nature Budget
2023 €153.65 €141.95 €132.95
2022 €142.40 €132.65 €126.15
2021 €132.20 €124.45 €120.90
2020 €127.70 €119.95
2019 €126.95 €120.95
2018 €122.20 €116.20
2017 €118.95 € 112.95
2016 €113.95 €107.95
2015 €113.95 €107.95
2014 €99.95 €95.95
2013 €111.95 €107.95
2012 € 112.25 €108.25
2011 €109.75 €105.75

Advantages of VGZ for students

  • VGZ has extensive packages, so if you need specific care, there is a good chance that you can insure yourself with VGZ.
  • Choice between ‘natura’ and ‘restitutie’ policy.

Disadvantages VGZ for students

  • Unclear overview of the declarations and bills online.
  • It is sometimes unclear what exactly is reimbursed in the various packages, which means that declarations can sometimes be difficult.

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Additional packages VGZ

VGZ has 3 additional packages: Aanvullend Goed, Aanvullend Beter and Aanvullend Best.

VGZ Aanvullend Goed
With Supplementary Goed you are insured for, among other things, physiotherapy, contraception and emergency care abroad.

VGZ Aanvullend Beter
Supplementary Better reimburses, among other things, the same care as Supplementary Good, but at higher amounts.

VGZ Aanvullend Best
With Supplementary Best, you have the highest reimbursements of the supplementary insurance policies. You are reimbursed at higher amounts than with the other supplementary packages.

Supplementary dental insurance

VGZ also offers 3 additional dental insurance policies, namely: Tand Goed, Tand Beter and Tand Best.

Tand Goed
With Tand Goed, you are 100% insured for periodic check-ups and 80% reimbursed with a maximum of €250 per year for dental care such as check-ups or having a cavity filled.

Tand Beter
Tand Beter reimburses 100% for check-ups and 80% of your other dental costs with a maximum of €500 per year. But orthodontics is also reimbursed. Above the age of 18, this is €500.

Tand Best
With Tand Best, you are best insured for dentistry. VGZ will reimburse you 100% of check-ups and 80% of other dental costs with a maximum of €1,000 per year. Orthodontics is also reimbursed higher: over the age of 18 this is €1,500.

Additional services

You can request a free second opinion from VGZ. In addition, VGZ provides mediation for long waiting lists.

Discounts VGZ

At VGZ, you can get a group discount on health insurance. Check whether you can get a discount on the VGZ health insurance through your group.

Contact details

Contact information
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Post PO Box 5040, 6802 EA Arnhem

Sustainability VGZ

You can find more information about the sustainability of VGZ’s investments below. The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) examined the sustainability of investments by Dutch health insurers. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, VGZ scores 1.8 on a scale of 1 to 5. Important points for attention were the policy concerning the environment and corporate governance.

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