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ZEKUR is an insurance policy for students and is part of Univé. Univé has been in existence since 1991. ZEKUR offers insurance with low premiums especially for students. In addition to health insurance, you can also take out car insurance and home insurance at ZEKUR.

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ZEKUR health insurance premium overview from past years

Health insurer ZEKUR health insurance premium overview
Year Refund Budget
2024 € 160,15 € 147,30
2023 €140.15 €122.95
2022 €136.70 €110.40
2021 €126.75 €105.95
2020 €121.50 €101.95
2019 €113.40 €98.50
2018 €109.12 €93.85
2017 €105.53 €92.00
2016 €100.80 €86.00
2015 €100.80 €82.50
2014 €80.25
2013 €92.25
2012 € 92.50
2011 €88.88

Advantages ZEKUR for students

  • Low premium;
  • Specially for students, so the care you need as a student.

Disadvantages ZEKUR for students

  • The signup process is slow. Switchers will not receive confirmation until late;
  • Slow processing declarations;
  • Little choice of healthcare providers.

ZEKUR is a budget health insurance policy. This means that you have a limited choice of healthcare providers you can go to.

Additional package Zekur

The “extra ZEKUR” package contains, as the name suggests, some extras. When you opt for this package, you will receive additional health insurance, additional dental insurance and, among other things, continuous travel insurance.

ZEKUR Home Insurance

ZEKUR also offers home insurance for students. This insurance is also divided into a “normal” package and an “extra” package. With the “ordinary living package” you get household contents and liability insurance. With the extra package, this basic package is supplemented with, among other things, continuous travel insurance, insurance for legal assistance and accident insurance.

ZEKUR Car Insurance

You can also insure your car with ZEKUR. This insurance is again divided into a “normal” package and an “extra” package. You are insured for the statutory liability (WA) required in the Netherlands with the regular package. If you take out this insurance with ZEKUR, you are insured in the Netherlands and other countries. You can also expand this package with, among other things, roadside assistance and legal assistance.

With the “extra” package, you are not only insured for third-party liability but also for the damage that others cause to your car. The damage caused by others will only be reimbursed if you have taken out Auto Extra insurance with ZEKUR. You can also expand this package with roadside assistance and legal assistance.

Extra services

It is possible to cheaply take out a Visa credit card if you take out basic insurance. If you take out additional insurance with Zekur, you will receive this credit card completely free of charge.


You can earn €12.50 when one of your friends registers as a new customer at ZEKUR via an invitation from you. Your friend will also receive €12.50!

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To what extent does ZEKUR invest responsibly and sustainably? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has devoted a benchmark study to this. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, ZEKUR scores 1.8 on a scale of 1 to 5. Important points of attention were the policy concerning, for example, the environment and society.

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