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This new health insurer was established in 2015. ZieZo is part of Zilveren Kruis, and as a customer, you can also make use of the experience and service of Zilveren Kruis. Zilveren Kruis founded ZieZo for everyone who wants clear and simple health insurance. There is one basic insurance policy that you can expand with a supplementary package and dental insurance. The reimbursements are immediately clear and only the most commonly used care is reimbursed. That way, you don’t pay for the care you don’t need.

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ZieZo health insurance policies 2024

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ZieZo health insurance premium overview from past years

Health insurer ZieZo health insurance premium overview
Year Nature Budget
2024 € 139,95 € –
2023 €129.95
2022 €112.25 €108.25
2021 €112.25 €109.25
2020 €108.75 €105.25
2019 €105.95 €101.95
2018 €102.50 €96.95
2017 €93.95
2016 €96.75
2015 €89.75

Advantages ZieZo for students

  • Simple additional packages with low premiums;
  • You use the reliable service of Zilveren Kruis;
  • Online access: a handy App, chat and online pharmacies;

Disadvantages ZieZo for students

  • Only a ‘natura’ policy;
  • Limited fees in the additional packages.

Basic package ZieZo

Many health insurers now offer various basic packages where you as a customer can choose from which care providers you can receive care. ZieZo wants to be simple and clear and therefore offers one basic package. This basic insurance is a ‘natura’ policy, which means that you can only use care providers with whom ZieZo has made agreements for planned treatments. Non-contracted care is reimbursed for a maximum of 75%. Furthermore, all important basic care (as determined by the government) is reimbursed by this package: think of the general practitioner, the hospital and maternity care. Keep in mind that ZieZo mainly works with online pharmacies, which means that you have to order the medicines online (for a full fee) as much as possible. Emergency care is excluded.

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Additional Packages

At ZieZo, you can opt for an additional package. This package has been compiled based on the care that the Dutch most use. The package does not reimburse many other types of care. For example, there is no reimbursement for contact lenses, glasses or vaccinations. The advantage of this is that it is obvious what will be reimbursed. Furthermore, you benefit from a low monthly premium. You can take out additional dental insurance for dental care.

Additional dental insurance

If you want coverage for dental care, you can opt for ZieZo’s dental insurance. This package fully reimburses the most common dental treatments and other treatments are partially reimbursed. You are bound to maximum reimbursement. This amount is €250 per year. Orthodontics is not reimbursed.

Extra services ZieZo

At ZieZo, they like to keep insurance simple and cheap. The insurer is therefore mainly active online and offers the following services:

  • A Declaration App
  • An online pharmacy
  • The online care finder with which you can search for contracted care providers in your area
  • An online chat where you can ask questions immediately
  • As a customer of ZieZo you can use the reliable service and knowledge of Zilveren Kruis

Contact details ZieZo

Contact information
Email Website Contact Form
Post PO Box 444, 2300 AK Leiden
Facebook Facebook.com/ziezo
Twitter @ziezo

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Website of ZieZo

Sustainability ZieZo

Curious about the sustainability of investments by ZieZo? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has published a benchmark study on the sustainability of investments by Dutch health insurers. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, ZieZo scores a 3.5 on a scale from 1 to 5. It looked at the policy concerning, among other things, the environment, people and society.

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