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The Zilveren Kruis has been operating from their centrally located office in Leiden since 2011. The Zilveren Kruis is part of the insurance company Achmea. Achmea is the largest insurance provider in the Netherlands and is part of the international organization Eureko.

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Zilveren Kruis health insurance premium overview from past years

Zilveren Kruis health insurance premium overview
Year Restitutie Natura Budget
2023 €152.75 €138.95 €131.95
2022 €143.95 €131.45 €123.45
2021 €139.95 €128.45 €120.95
2020 €134.95 €125.45 €115.95
2019 €133.75 €126.95 €114.95
2018 €123.75 €119.45 €105.95
2017 €121.75 €117.45 €104.95
2016 €113.25 €109.45 €96.95
2015 €106.25 €102.45 €89.95
2014 €109.95 €99.95 €87.50
2013 €118.25 €108.25 €104.25
2012 €118.25 €108.25
2011 €109.75 €106.50

Zilveren Kruis has set up the healthcare collective Studenten Goed Verzekerd collaboration with LSVb and ISO, especially for students. All university and college students receive a high group discount on Zilveren Kruis health insurance with Studenten Goed Verzekerd

Advantages Zilveren Kruis for students

  • Questions answered quickly and well;
  • Pay deductible in installments (without extra costs).

Disadvantages Zilveren Kruis for students

  • Medicine policy is complicated. There are three contracts with their own conditions;
  • Unclear overview of declarations.

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Basic Packages Zilveren Kruis

Basis Budget policy

With this package, you can choose from the fewest healthcare providers and pay the lowest premium. Furthermore, with this package, you will have to arrange most things yourself (online). You are insured, among other things, for the costs of a visit to a doctor and hospital stay. Emergency care is 100% reimbursed at every hospital.

Basis Zeker Policy

With this package, you can choose from a wide range of different contracted care providers. The Zilveren Kruis arranges the payment with the care provider to not have to take care of this yourself.

Basis Exclusief Policy

With this package, you pay the highest premium and you can choose not only from the contracted care providers but from all care providers. Zilveren Kruis will then reimburse you 100%.

In addition to the basic insurance policies, Zilveren Kruis offers the Basis Plus Module. This is a separate, additional option with which you receive more reimbursements for an extra € 2.50 per month than with the basic insurance. This module is suitable for anyone who finds the basic package just not enough and wants a cheap, additional option.

Supplementary Packages Zilveren Kruis

You can take out supplementary insurance for all care not reimbursed by the basic package. At the Zilveren Kruis, you can choose from four different additional packages.

Aanvullend 1 star
With this policy, 6 physiotherapy treatments are reimbursed, vaccinations for foreign travel, emergency care abroad and you get a discount on glasses and contact lenses.

Aanvullend 2 stars
With this policy, you receive all reimbursements of the Basic Policy 1 star with a higher maximum amount and more treatments for physiotherapy.

Aanvullend 3 stars
This policy reimburses everything from the Basic 2 star policy, but you have a higher maximum reimbursement and more physiotherapy treatments.

Aanvullend 4 stars
This policy offers higher benefits for all options. For example, physiotherapy is reimbursed up to 40 treatments and also alternative medicine is reimbursed up to a higher amount under this policy.

Zilveren Kruis dental insurance

With basic dental insurance, The insurance will reimburse you part of the costs for dentistry. This policy also has four additional categories, from one to four stars. The more stars the dental insurance has, the higher the reimbursement for dental care.

Additional services

If you are insured with Zilveren Kruis, the insurer offers extra services such as waiting list mediation and a care coach.


Zilveren Kruis offers group discounts through employers or associations. You can check on the Zilveren Kruis website whether you can also get a group discount.

Contact details

Contact information
Phone 071 751 00 52
Post Handelsweg 2, 3707 NH Zeist
Facebook Facebook.com/zilverenkruis
Twitter @zilverenkruis

Website of Zilveren Kruis


What about the sustainability of the investments of health insurer Zilveren Kruis? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has investigated this in a benchmark study. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, Zilveren Kruis has a score of 3.5 on a scale of 1 to 5. The policy regarding, among other things, the environment, people and society weight the survey. scaled.

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