Student home insurance

If you rent an apartment or a room in the Netherlands, you want to be sure that your personal possessions are covered by an insurance, because there is always a small chance that something unexpected happens, like a fire or a burglary. After reading the following page you will know more about a home contents insurance (inboedelverzekering) in the Netherlands.

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What is a home contents insurance?

With a home contents insurance, your personal possessions in your apartment/room are insured against, for example burglary, fire or water damage.

What is covered with a home contents insurance?

A list of things that are generally covered with a home contents insurance:

  • Lost or damage to your possessions caused by:
  • Burglary
    Freezing of water pipes

  • Cleaning and restoring costs
  • Things you have placed in your house and that are easy to remove, for example parquet

Insurance of your landlord

If you rent an apartment or a room, you can check with your landlord what kind of insurance he/she has and what is covered with this insurance. It could be that your personal possessions in the apartment or room are also covered with this insurance.

Check the term and conditions

There are big differences between the term and conditions and the coverage of the different insurers in the Netherlands. For example, some insurers don’t cover burglaries in neighborhoods with a high crime rate. Therefore we recommend that you compare different insurance companies and check the terms and conditions of the insurance policy before making a decision.

What do I have to do after a burglary?

  • Call your insurance company.
  • Make a declaration of the burglary at the police.
  • The insurance company will sent an expert to check if there are traces of a burglary.
  • Make a list of what is missing and the value of this.
  • Search for tickets of the personal possessions that are missing.

Can I get a discount on the premium of my home contents insurance?

There are a number of possibilities to get a discount on your home contents insurance:

  • Some insurers offer special discounts for students
  • If you get your home contents insurance in a package with other insurances, you can get a discount.
  • If your apartment is equipped with special protection against burglary, installed by a qualified fitter, you can get a discount.

Additional valuable insurance

If you keep very valuable things in your apartment, you may consider getting an additional value item insurance, because a basis home contents insurance generally doesn’t cover high value items (over 5000 euro).

How and when can I resign my home contents insurance?

After one year you can resign your home contents insurance whenever you want, with a resignation notice of one month. Normally, you can resign your insurance by writing a resignation letter and sending it by post to your home contents insurer. Here you can download an example of a letter of resignation in Dutch. If you paid your premium in advance for one year and you resigned within that year, you can get a refund for the rest of the year that you didn’t had that insurance.