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Home contents insurance

Suppose you rent an apartment or a room in the Netherlands. In that case, you want to be sure that your possessions are covered by insurance because there is always a tiny chance that something unexpected happens, like a fire or a burglary. After reading the following page, you will learn more about home contents insurance (inboedelverzekering) in the Netherlands.

Compare home contents insurance

With a home contents insurance, your personal possessions in your apartment/room are insured against, for example burglary, fire or water damage.

Contents insurance that insures a student room separately

Contents insurance for the student room of first-year students

Are you at the very beginning of your student life? Then you might also start living in rooms! You will fully enjoy your student life shortly. However, serious issues are involved with the fact that you are now an adult living on your own. To avoid suddenly running into financial problems, it is wise to take out several insurance policies. Examples are home contents insurance and liability insurance.

Valuables insurance or home contents insurance

Are you looking for insurance insuring valuables such as your laptop, jewellery, art or expensive equipment? Valuables are usually reimbursed within home contents insurance up to a maximum amount, and the coverage only applies indoors. For this reason, it may be wise to expand your home contents insurance with valuables insurance. The differences are highlighted below.

The Home Contents Insurance covers:

  • Only inside the house
  • Only in the Netherlands
  • Valuables are reimbursed up to a certain maximum amount

The Valuables Insurance covers:

  • Both indoors and outdoors
  • Worldwide
  • More extensive coverage for valuables

So consider carefully what type of insurance you are looking for and compare the options before taking out insurance.

Determine the value of your belongings

When you take out home contents insurance, you need to know the total value of your home contents. To correctly calculate the value of your home contents, you can consult a home contents appraiser or hire an appraiser. The home contents meter determines the current value of your home contents based on your data and information about your home.

Canceling home contents insurance

Do you want to cancel your home contents insurance? This is only sometimes possible. There are several points you should pay attention to when cancelling:

  • Make sure your one-year contract term is up
  • Please allow one month’s notice
  • Check the insurer’s website to find out how to cancel your insurance
  • Always ask for confirmation of the cancellation

Only when the insurer adjusts the policy can you sometimes cancel the insurance without meeting the conditions. More tips about cancellation of home contents insurance.

Three types of home contents insurance

You can often choose from three types of home contents insurance:

  • Extensive home contents insurance. With this form, you are insured against fire, theft, vandalism, lightning strikes and water damage.
  • Extra comprehensive home contents insurance. This form is an extra comprehensive home contents insurance because you are also insured against, among other things, damage to the contents of the refrigerator or freezer in the event of a power failure and scorch and melting damage.
  • Most comprehensive home contents insurance. With this form, you are insured against all external disasters.

Tips for taking out home contents insurance

  • Keep the receipts for your purchases, as insurance companies may ask for this if you want to declare items stolen after a burglary. In addition, taking photos of your belongings as proof (and emailing them to yourself) can be useful.
  • If you rent a room, ask your landlord if they have home contents insurance. It often happens that landlords have taken out collective contents insurance.
  • Many policy conditions state that there must be burglary damage so that one can see that a burglary has occurred.
  • Home contents insurance for students is often offered in a package with other insurance policies. Youu oftenf you take out an insurance package.
  • When estimating the value of your home contents, consider any purchases you plan to make in the (near) future so that you do not become underinsured.

Insurance of your landlord

If you rent an apartment or a room, you can check with your landlord what kind of insurance he/she has and what is covered with this insurance. It could be that your personal possessions in the apartment or room are also covered with this insurance.

What do I have to do after a burglary?

  • Call your insurance company.
  • Make a declaration of the burglary at the police.
  • The insurance company will sent an expert to check if there are traces of a burglary.
  • Make a list of what is missing and the value of this.
  • Search for tickets of the personal possessions that are missing.

Can I get a discount on the premium of my home contents insurance?

  • Some insurers offer special discounts for students
  • If you get your home contents insurance in a package with other insurances, you can get a discount.
  • If your apartment is equipped with special protection against burglary, installed by a qualified fitter, you can get a discount.

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Frequently asked questions about home contents insurance

View a handy overview of frequently asked questions by students about home contents insurance below.

Where can I compare home contents insurance for students?
You can compare different home contents insurance policies via our Home contents insurance compare tool. To tailor the home contents insurance to your situation as a student, you can choose standard or all-risk coverage in the selection criteria. You can also indicate whether you want to take out home contents insurance with a deductible. The result is the most suitable and most affordable student home contents insurance!
What damage does home contents insurance cover?
Home contents insurance is home insurance, and the coverage depends on the chosen home contents insurer and the type of insurance. Basic home contents insurance usually reimburse damage to all your ‘loose’ items in and around your home. The damage must have been caused by burglary, fire, flooding and leakage (under certain circumstances), lightning strike, explosion, storm or scorch or melting damage to items. Damage to your phone (unless it has been dropped) and pets are also covered by many insurers.
Is taking out home contents insurance mandatory?
As a student in the Netherlands, you are not obliged to take out home contents insurance. So you can decide this ultimately yourself. Without home contents insurance, your belongings are not insured against damage due to, for example, burglary, fire or water damage. Especially in older, less well-secured student housing, it is taking out home contents insurance quite sensible. You are already insured for €2 to €3 per month!
Wat is de beste inboedelverzekering voor een student?
The answer to this question is very personal. The best home contents insurance for a student is not necessarily the cheapest. It is a home contents insurance policy that fits well with your personal preferences and the total value of all your belongings. In addition, it is essential to determine whether you want to take out standard or all-risk coverage and whether a deductible is desired for the home contents insurance. Compare our top 5 student home contents insurance to find the best one!
How much deductible do you pay for home contents insurance?
The deductible for home contents insurance is the amount of damage that you must first pay yourself. The amount of the deductible varies per home contents insurer. Although the deductible is mandatory with certain insurers, you can often determine the deductible amount yourself. The compulsory deductible is usually between €50-€100. If the deductible is not mandatory, you can choose between €0 and €1000. Finally, many insurers apply a separate deductible for certain types of damage, such as storm damage.


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