Homeowners Insurance Guide

If you are planning on moving out or buying your first house or apartment, it is a good idea to calculate whether you need an additional home insurance policy. Home insurance could be obligated if you are renting a room through a student housing provider instead of renting it privately. You are also obliged to take out home insurance when you buy a house in the Netherlands. This page shows more detailed information on the different types of home insurances that you can take out in the Netherlands.

What is a home insurance policy?

The concept of home insurance is an umbrella term that is used for several different insurance policies. A home insurance policy is intended for homeowners. Both the home contents insurance and the homeowners’ insurance are examples of home insurance policies. It is also possible to take out several different insurance policies for your home in one single package. Insurers often offer discounts if you do take out multiple insurance policies at the same time.

Home contents insurance

The contents insurance exist specifically to insure the items in and around your home. With the contents insurance, your valuables are insured when, for example, a burglary occurs or when a storm has caused damage. In the Netherlands there exist three types of household insurance policies that differ in the coverage they offer. You can often choose for extensive household contents insurance, an extra comprehensive household insurance policy or an all-risk household insurance policy.

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Collective home contents insurance

Do you live in a dormitory? It could be possible that the landlord has already taken out collective home contents insurance that includes all tenants in the building. It is advised to inform the landlord about this or ask one of your housemates before you take out home contents insurance yourself. Collectives that you can use a student to get a discount on your collective home contents insurance are also an option. For example, you could take out home contents insurance through the collective of your educational institution. However, it is common for insurers to apply different conditions when you don’t have your own front door.

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Glass insurance

Do you already have homeowners insurance? Then you are probably already insured for glass damage. Sometimes it is also possible to take out an additional glass insurance policy. All the translucent windows in your home are then insured. The glass insurance also applies to a damaged window in a room that you are renting.

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Valuables insurance

A valuables insurance covers your valuable belongings just like a home contents insurance does.The difference, however, is that a valuables insurance policy has a broader coverage. This way, this type of insurance covers also in the following cases:

  • When you and your valuable belongings are outside of the house
  • When you are abroad
  • When you lose your valuables

There are a number of exceptions to insurance coverage. For example, wear and damage caused by someone other than yourself will not be covered.

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Homeowners insurance

When you buy a house and take out a mortgage, it is often compulsory to take out a homeowners insurance policy. You can also choose to take out homeowners insurance yourself. This type of home insurance covers the home itself as well as matters surrounding the home, such as a fence or garage. If you rent a house it is not obligated to take out a homeowners insurance policy, this is the responsibility of the landlord.

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