Glass insurance for students

With the glass insurance you are assured that any damage to “translucent” windows will be reimbursed by your insurer. Insurers apply one condition concerning the glass. This condition applies to the fact that the glass must have the goal of “letting light through”. If the glass is not letting any light through, you can not take out glass insurance. Below you will find more information about glass insurance.

What is glass insurance?

A glass insurance policy provides compensation for damage to translucent windows and windows. Often you do not need the glass insurance because it is already covered by your homeowners insurance.

To be sure that glass is included in homeowners insurance, it is wise to check this in the policy conditions. If you have stained-glass windows it can be wise to insure these windows with additional insurance. The costs of reparation for stained-glass windows are often higher than the costs for normal windows.

Translucent windows

The term translucent windows refer to all windows that are meant that let light indirectly from the outside. Any windows in, for example, the bathroom or a glass door indoors do not come under a glass insurance policy.

What does a glass insurance cover?

A glass insurance policy covers damage to a window, caused from outside of the house. For example, reimbursements for the costs of:

  • Placing a new window
  • Making an emergency window

What does a glass insurance not cover?

There are a few exceptions for cases in which a glass insurance does not cover glass damage. These exceptions are:

  • Damage caused by a defect from the glass itself
  • Damage caused by renovation work
  • Damaged as a result of moving the glass
  • Damage caused by a catastrophe (such as an explosion or fire)

What is personal defect?

Insurers refer to a personal defect if, for example, moisture has been drawn into the double glass. In this case, the insurer also speaks about the breakdown of windows and does not cover this damage.

Compare glass insurances

When looking for a suitable glass insurance policy, it is wise to look carefully at the policy conditions for the coverage of this insurance. Insurance with a low premium may offer a low coverage. If damage occurs one day and you have insurance with a small coverage, there is a chance that you will not receive compensation.

Differing rates

In some cases there are different rates for glass insurances, for which you have to pay a higher premium.

These different rates often apply to:

  • Extra thick windows
  • Special glass (such as fire-resistant and insulating windows)
  • Large glass surfaces (more than six square meters)
  • Stained glass windows

Indoor glass such as an aquarium or a glass inner door is not covered by the glass insurance. You can take out house contents insurance for these matters.

Some useful tips

Burglary and fire

Damage as a result of burglary and fire of a owner-occupied home are often cheaper to insure in a homeowners insurance.

Rental home

When you rent a home you are often responsible for damage to glass yourself. You can find this in your rental contract. If this is the case, it could be a wise decision to take out a glass insurance policy.

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