Homeowners insurance

Do you own your own house and would you like to insure this house against possible damage? A homeowners insurance policy makes this possible. In this article, you will find more information about the conditions and coverage of homeowners insurance.

What is homeowners insurance?

A homeowners insurance policy is compulsory insurance for anyone who has bought a house and has taken out a mortgage for this. By taking out homeowners insurance, you insure your home against damage that is caused by burglary, fire or a storm.

What does a homeowners insurance cover

In addition to the house itself and peripheral issues such as trees and/or a fence, the following items are also insured by a homeowners insurance:

  • The central heating in the house
  • A shed on your property
  • The sanitary facilities in the house, such as a toilet or bathroom
  • The pipes that run through the house

Foundation clause

If you want to insure the foundations of your house, you will have to file a special request for this with your insurer. The insurer includes this in the policy under the foundation clause.

Catastrophe risk

In case of catastrophe risk, certain things are excluded by the insurer, this is seen as force majeure. For example, the damage can not be recovered from the insurer if it arises as a result of a natural disaster or a war.

Homeowners insurance and renting a house

If you rent a house, the landlord is obliged to take out homeowners insurance. As a tenant, you do not have to take out homeowners insurance for any damage to the house due to burglary, fire or a storm.

Home contents insurance

If you are living in a rental home it is wise to take out home contents insurance for your own items.

Homeowners insurance and an association of owners

If you are going to live in an apartment complex and there is an Association of Owners (VvE), this Vve often has a building insurance policy for the entire building.

If you change your business to your own apartment, such as placing a new kitchen or bathroom, you can take out an extra cover yourself in addition to the insurance that the VvE took out.

If there is no VvE, then you are responsible for taking out a home insurance policy yourself. You will only take it out for your own apartment, it is not obligatory to take it out for the entire building.

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