Student liability insurance

A little accident can have huge consequences. Especially during your student days, you can be very busy. A study trip, with the student association on lustrum weekend or a visit to parents and friends once in the weekend. If you travel a lot, you are more likely to have accidents than if you don’t. A liability insurance specifically for students could then offer a solution.


Insurers can differ in the price they charge for a student liability insurance. In addition, the coverage offered is often different. Therefore, it is smart to compare insurance companies.

Top 5 Student Liability Insurances

Don’t forget to pay attention to:

  • Does the insurance cover you during the sport that you practice?
  • Is the insurance valid during your side job?
  • Is the insurance only valid in the Netherlands or in other countries as well?

Before comparing, set the amount you want to insure and the type of liability insurance you want to take out and use this in the comparison.

Liability insurance in student package

Are you a non-resident student or will you soon be leaving home? At that time there are several important insurance policies that you should consider. A number of insurers meet students with ready-made student packages and so take a lot of comparison work off your hands. Moreover, you can often save extra on your insurance policies by taking them together in a package form!

Legal definition of liability

This term is used when there is no contractual obligation. It indicates that people are connected, accountable and / or legally held liable for the consequences of any fact or act. (Source: Dictionary of legal terminology and police jargon by Jaap van der Wijk)

What does liability insurance cover?

Although as a student you may prefer to take it easy your money and as long as something is not mandatory, a student liability insurance is something to think about. Small accidents can sometimes lead to high costs. Some examples are:

  • Turn over a special or antique vase, causing it to fall to the ground and break
  • Your cat or dog that suddenly crosses over so someone has to turn around and fall
  • A bottle of wine that you knock over your brother’s new carpet

These are just a number of situations that are not very unlikely and that can result in bills that you may not be able to pay (directly).