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Liability insurance

Liability insurance for students is not an unnecessary luxury. During your student years, you are busy and on the road: from your studies to your part-time job, social activities, sports, student associations and weekend visits to family and friends.

Because you are on the road a lot and have a lot of interaction, the risk of accidents is present and real. Liability insurance, especially for students, offers a solution.

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What is liability?

If you cause damage to someone else or someone else’s property, you can be held accountable. In other words, you are liable for the damage caused, not only for damage you have accidentally caused yourself but also for damage caused by your pet. You will be responsible for unexpected and often high liability costs without liability insurance. For this reason, it is wise to take out liability insurance for these unpleasant situations.

What does liability insurance cover?

With liability insurance, you are insured against unpleasant accidents in daily life that can lead to high costs. This concerns damage to persons or property. Some examples are:

  • Someone accidentally falls because of you and breaks an arm;
  • Your cat or dog damages a friend’s clothes;
  • You accidentally knock over a bottle of wine on your brother’s new carpet.

These and other annoying, not unlikely situations can result in costs you cannot afford. Fortunately, liability insurance can be taken out for a low monthly premium. Read more about the basic coverage of the iability insurance

what is the difference with legal liability insurance?

Many need clarification on statutory legal liability insurance (WA) and standard liability insurance for private individuals (AVP). However, legal liability insurance is car insurance, specifically to insure the risk that you cause damage to someone else with a motor vehicle. You are required to take out this insurance when you buy a car. Private liability insurance is voluntary insurance covering the risk of causing damage to others. However, this insurance does not cover damage caused by a motor vehicle. More information can be found here.

Compare liability insurance

Insurers can charge different premiums for student liability insurance. You can also choose a coverage amount, and a deductible may apply. It is, therefore, smart to compare. For example, pay attention to:

  • How much is the basic coverage: this amount is usually around €1,500,000 and can often be expanded to €2,500,000
  • Is there a deductible? This is a small part of the damage amount, often around €100, that you have to pay yourself
  • Is the insurance only valid in the Netherlands or also abroad?

Determine your desired insured amount and deductible. View and compare these insurance policies yourself, based on your personal preferences, via our Top 5 liability insurance

Liability insurance and a part-time job

When you have a part-time job or an internship, the risk of accidents is often greater. You can accidentally cause damage during your work by, for example, dropping something. Not all private liability insurance covers damage that occurs while you are at work. Fortunately, employers often have collective liability insurance. There is a good chance that your employer will insure you. However, always check with your employer so that you are not uninsured.

Liability insurance pricing

Insurers may differ in the price they charge for liability insurance.

For example, pay attention to:

  • Coverage during sports and games situations
  • Validity of the insurance during your part-time job
  • Does the insurance only provide coverage in the Netherlands or also abroad?

In the comparator, depending on the insurer, you can choose an insured amount of an average of €1,500,000 or a higher amount of €2,500,000. In addition, you can select whether a deductible is desired.

Frequently asked questions about student liability insurance

Are you looking for more information or do you have a question? Then view our overview of frequently asked questions about liability insurance.

What is liability insurance?
With liability insurance, you as a student are insured against damage you accidentally cause to someone else or his or her belongings. This also applies to damage caused by your pet. If your fault caused the damage, you are liable. To prevent you from paying the high costs of damage yourself, you can take out affordable liability insurance.
Where can I find and compare the best student liability insurance?
The best liability insurance is only sometimes the cheapest. As a student living away from home, you naturally want your liability insurance to suit your situation. Via our handy top 5 liability insurance you can compare all student liability insurance policies and choose you, based on your personal preferences, for the best liability insurance for you!
Is liability insurance mandatory?
ELiability insurance, such as health insurance, is not mandatory. Does an unpleasant situation arise in which you accidentally cause damage to someone else or their property? Then, you will have to pay the costs yourself without liability insurance. Medical bills or the costs of repairing or replacing property can be very high. For this reason, it is wise to take out liability insurance.
How much does liability insurance cost?
Fortunately, liability insurance does not have to be that expensive! You can take out student liability insurance from €2.50 per month. The premium depends, among other things, on the desired coverage and the deductible per insurer. View and compare which student liability insurance suits you most via our handy top 5 student liability insurance.


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