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Liability insurances are offered in various shapes and sizes. When searching for a suitable liability insurance policy, it is not enough to only compare premiums. A comparison of coverage conditions, premiums and extra services, among other things, helps you make a conscious choice. Meet and compare the following liability insurers at your leisure.

ABN Amro

ABN Amro is perhaps better known as a bank, but you can also take out various insurance policies with ABN Amro. ABN Amro’s liability insurance, with a choice of two basic cover types, is the best in 2016 at the Consumers’ Association.

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Another major player on the Dutch insurance market, active since 1983, is Aegon. Aegon’s liability insurance offers worldwide coverage for damage caused by accident to persons or their property up to a maximum amount of € 1,250,000 or € 2,500,000 at their discretion. The insurance does not have a deductible excess, so you do not pay a cent from your own pocket in the event of a claim. Aegon also offers handy damage reporting app and a loyalty discount of up to 10% for customers who take out multiple insurance policies with Aegon.

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Centraal Beheer

Centraal Beheer has been active as an insurer since 1909. The liability insurance of Centraal Beheer mainly insures you against damage that you unintentionally inflict on someone else or their belongings, up to a maximum of € 1,000,000 or € 2,500,000, depending on the risk that you want to insure. In addition, the insurer offers interesting extra services, including the possibility to report damage directly via your smartphone. Young people up to the age of 30 also receive a 10% age discount.

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FBTO is a pioneer in offering consumer insurance. Founded in 1956, the insurance company is now part of the Achmea Group insurance group. The liability insurance of FBTO covers damage caused unintentionally to other persons or his / her things up to a maximum of € 1,500,000. It is not possible at FBTO to opt for a higher insured amount. If you take out liability insurance with FBTO, you may also be eligible for a group discount through your (study) association or educational institution.

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Inshared is an online insurer with a diverse range of insurance policies. Because insurance matters are largely arranged online, liability insurance can be offered at a competitive price.

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In addition to the health insurance policy, you can also go to OHRA for travel insurances, household insurances or liability insurances. With the liability insurance of OHRA you are insured worldwide and you do not pay a deductible excess.

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Nationale Nederlanden

Reaal is a (from now on Nationale Nederlanden offers liability insurance) total insurer where you can go for home, travel and legal insurances. The “legal” insurance covers the liability insurance of Reaal. This insurance offers a wide coverage up to a maximum of € 2,500,000, with no deductible. If you accidentally cause damage to another person or his / her belongings abroad, Reaal will pay the deposit up to a maximum amount of € 45,000.

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Univé has a multitude of insurance policies in its portfolio, including liability insurance. With this insurance, you avoid having to pay for damage that you have accidentally caused. Univé’s liability insurance has no deductible excess and, moreover, there is worldwide coverage.

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