Compare liability insurance

Are you looking for student liability insurance? Accidents are just waiting to happen and the premium of liability insurance is relatively low. Then look on this page for useful tips when comparing different insurers.

Request different quotes and compare the policy conditions

The level of the premium that you have to pay at a provider of a
student liability insurance often does not differ that much per provider. The difference is often in the policy conditions and the coverage that the insurer offers. It is therefore advisable to request quotes from different insurers and compare the policy conditions with each other before you make a choice.

To what should you pay attention when comparing policy conditions?

Below you will find an overview of a number of questions that you can ask when comparing the policy conditions:

  • Am I also covered during exercise?
  • Am I insured if I help friends with odd jobs or with relocation?
  • Does the insurance only apply in the Netherlands or throughout the world?
  • Am I insured as a passenger of a motor vehicle, boat or aircraft?
  • Is the damage caused by my pet covered?
  • Is the damage that I cause during my vacation job covered?
  • Is the damage that I cause during my internship covered?
  • Is the damage during voluntary work covered?
  • Is the damage caused by lodges or housemates covered?

The above issues can differ per insurer.

The insured amount

Before you start comparing different providers of student liability insurance, it is wise to consider the amount for which you want to take out your insurance. With an insurer, you can often choose from a number of amounts ranging from 500,000 euros to 2.5 million euros. In general, the following applies to an insurer; the lower the insured amount, the lower the premium you have to pay.

Amount of the deductible

The amount that you have to pay yourself in the event of a claim is the deductible. There are insurers where you can choose a certain amount of deductible. There are also insurers that do not have a deductible. Usually the following applies to an insurer; the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. Before you start comparing liability insurances, it is wise to make a choice whether you want to have a deductible and, if so, the maximum amount you want this to be.

Seek help from an insurance advisor if necessary

Are you unable to get through the complicated and opaque policy terms and conditions? Or do you have any doubts about the amount to be insured in your personal situation? Then it is possible to request advice from an insurance advisor.


Before you take out insurance, you can investigate whether you can get discounts on your premium. Insurers often offer package discounts if you take out multiple insurance policies. They also often offer special student discounts.

Single or cohabiting

If you live with someone or you already have children, you can take out family liability insurance in which everyone is insured. Take your personal situation into account when comparing the various liability insurances.

Co-insurance with your parents

If your parents have taken out family liability insurance, it is often possible to be co-insured as a student. Even when you are away from home or doing an internship. You can check this with your parents before you take out insurance. This is to prevent double insurances.

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