Frequently asked questions – FAQ

On this page you will find an overview of frequently asked questions about liability insurances for students.

What is a liability insurance?

With a liability insurance you are covered against damage that you unintentionally cause to someone else.

What should I do if I have caused damage?

  • Contact your insurer as soon as possible
  • Save all agreements and contracts
  • Do all correspondence in writing
  • Take notes of everything that you have discussed
  • Try to take photos of the damage and the situation

Am I also insured on holiday?

Some insurers offer coverage only in the Netherlands and other insurers offer insurance with global coverage. For example, if you have insurance with global coverage the damage that you have caused in a holiday home that you have rented is also covered. To know for sure which coverage area an insurer uses, it is advisable to check this with an insurer or to check the policy conditions.

Are my pets co-insured?

Many insurers have included in their policy that damage caused by pets is also insured. You can check this with the insurer or check the policy terms and conditions if damage caused by pets is also insured.

Am I insured for damage caused by a car I borrowed?

With most insurers you are not insured for damage caused by motor vehicles and vessels. So in this case the damage is not covered by many insurers.

Is liability insurance mandatory?

No. There is no legal obligation to take out liability insurance.

However, it is recommended to take out liability insurance because an accident can happen very easily and could have major financial consequences. In addition, the premium that you have to pay is relatively low.

What is the amount for which I am insured?

With most insurers you can choose from a number of amounts for which you want to take out the insurance.

The amounts you can choose from are often between € 500,000 and € 2,500,000.

Am I insured if I cause damage due to a favour?

If a friend asks you to provide a favour, such as help them move house, you are usually insured under a liability insurance policy.

How can I switch from liability insurance?

You can usually cancel liability insurance in writing. It is also often possible to ask your new insurer to cancel your current insurance. When cancelling liability insurance, take the cancellation period into account.

Do I have time for withdrawal if I have taken out my liability insurance?

Insurers offer a cooling-off period of 14 days. If you have taken out liability insurance, you have a 14-day cooling-off period from the moment you receive the policy terms and conditions. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the insurance free of charge within these 14 days.

What are the recovery costs?

These are (legal) costs that a victim must incur to recover the damage from the perpetrator. With a number of insurance policies, these recovery costs are also covered within a liability insurance policy.

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