Practical information

A liability insurance is an important insurance policy. Therefore, a large part of the Dutch population takes the insurance out. If you have to use your liability insurance, you will end up in a procedure for claims and benefits. But how do you tackle the damage? And do you actually need special liability insurance when you have a part-time job and can cause damage there? You will get to know the answers to these questions through the following articles. Read all the practical information about liability insurances here.


Has anyone else caused damage to your belongings? Even then you can get involved with liability insurance. In this case, this will be the liability insurance of the counterparty. You must then hold that person liable and submit a valid claim through the correct documentation. This usually involves, among other things, providing proof and purchase vouchers. Here you can read exactly how that works and which steps you should take.

Does the person that you want to hold liable have no liability insurance? Then it will probably be harder to get your right, but you will also find useful tips for that case.

Side job and a liability insurance

If you have a part-time job, doing an internship or work full-time in between your studies, you can accidentally cause damage during your work. This can be something small like a broken printer, but if you are a private driver, for example, the damage can be high. Not all private liability insurances cover the costs of damage caused during work. You can find this in the terms and conditions of your insurance. However, employees are often collectively insured for employee claims. It is wise to check this before you get started.

Coverage abroad

You have a Dutch liability insurance policy and you wonder whether it is also valid abroad or not? In the vast majority of cases, your Dutch liability insurance simply offers cover abroad, whether you are on holiday or staying abroad for a longer period of time. However, it may be that with certain insurers you get a lower coverage when you go to a country where there is a high claim culture, like the United States or Canada.

Animals and liability

When you have a pet you are automatically legally responsible for the actions of the animal. This means that you can be held responsible if your dog causes damage or bites someone. With liability insurance, you are automatically insured for these cases. A condition for this insurance is that it is really a pet and not an animal in which you have an economic interest.

Deductible excess of a liability insurance

With some liability insurance policies there is a compulsory deductible. This means that you pay for a certain part of the damage yourself. With other insurers, you can also opt for a voluntary deductible excess for an additional discount on the premium.

Read more information about the deductible excess of liability insurance

Liability insurance procedure

If you have caused damage to someone’s belongings or if someone has even caused you a physical injury, it is important to take the following steps:

  • When possible, take photos of the damage and the situation in which it occurred
  • Contact your insurer immediately
  • Let all the official correspondence be done written
  • Keep this correspondence and other written evidence

The amount that is subsequently paid depends on the damage that has been determined and will be determined by the insurance company. If the damage is immaterial, the procedure may take longer.

Taking a liability insurance out

Do you not want to get an expensive claim because you accidentally broke something or injured someone? Then it is important that you have good liability insurance. There are a large number of insurers that offer liability insurance. In most cases, you only pay a few euros per month in premium. On the Top 5 Liability Insurance page you will find an overview of good and cheap packages that you can take out immediately.