Side job and liability insurance

Many young people who go to study take one or more side jobs during their studies. Through employment agencies, you can end up with many different employers, and perhaps you will continue to work in the same bar all your student days. Things can always be damaged or broken during work. Here you will find more information about liability and liability insurance during the performance of a part-time job.

Damage during work

The costs of dry cleaning if you accidentally knock a glass of red wine over a guest or the bill for larger damage, such as dropping a computer, will be quite different. The damage that you can cause during work for an employer can vary widely. If your side job is limited to answering the phone, the damage that can be done will be considerably less than when you work as a taxi driver. However, it will often be an accident and the damage caused is due to breakdown.

Personal liability insurance

It differs per insurance company whether the damage you accidentally cause during a part-time job will be compensated or not. In the terms and conditions of the liability insurance, you can often read whether this applies to the insurance.

Employees are often collectively insured for damage caused within the company or by the work of employees of the company. Such collective insurance is interesting for an employer because it is often accompanied by a collective discount and ensures that the employer will not have to pay high compensation if something goes wrong.

In many cases, damage caused by accident during the work will therefore be compensated by the collective liability insurance of your employer. Some collective liability insurances still have the condition that the damage is only compensated if liability insurance for individuals does not cover the damage.

During internships

If you have an extra paid job you can be insured through the collective liability insurance of the employer. In most cases, this is something that you will have to ask for separately or that the employer will come up with. If you do an internship at a company, this is often different. In most cases, interns from companies are automatically included in the collective liability insurance of the employer. If you are going to do an internship at a company, inquire about this beforehand at your internship location.

No worries

Although it is never nice to cause damage, it can be even more annoying when you cause this damage while you are actually working for someone else. Try not to feel too miserable about material damage. Most people understand that a mistake could always happen and also understand that, for example, you are not deliberately pushing a glass of red wine over someone. The liability insurance of an employer is not only in effect at the moment that you cause damage to someone else while exercising a job or additional job. If damage to things occurs during work, this insurance will also compensate for the damage.