Switching from liability insurance

If you have liability insurance but you would like to switch to another insurer, then it is useful to know if, how and when this is possible. For example, if you are not satisfied with your current insurer, you can get a (higher) package discount at another insurer or want to switch for another reason, you can find more information about this on this page.

Why switch?

You may end up saving a lot of money by comparing insurance companies and switching to another insurance company. To make comparisons easier, we have done research and put the result together in a top 5 liability insurances.

Even if you are not satisfied with your current insurer, for whatever reason, you can choose to cancel your liability insurance.

A reason to switch may be to obtain (more) package discounts. Different insurers offer package discounts if you take out multiple insurance policies with the same insurer. If you have currently taken out your liability insurance with another insurer then, for example, your health insurance policy, then it can be useful to see if you can get a discount if you take out all / more insurance policies with the same insurer.

It could also be that there appears to be a possibility that you can take out cheaper liability insurance through your study association, sports club or other organization or association that provides a collective discount.

When can / may you switch?

After a contract period of 1 year you can switch to a third-party liability insurance policy. Keep in mind that many insurance companies use a cancellation period of 1 month. It is also useful to know that if your insurer changes the premium in the interim (before the end of the 1-year contract), for example, you have the right to switch.

Insurers will notify you before the end of the insurance and inform you when the insurance will end and how you can end it. If you have not been informed, or have not been informed in time, by an insurer about the expiry of your liability insurance, you can inform the Financial Services Complaints Institute accordingly. It is advisable to be sure that you are not coincidentally responsible for not receiving this information. That is why it is important to quickly communicate address changes or a new e-mail address to your insurer.

How do you switch?

Once you have compared various liability insurance policies and have decided that you want to switch, it is useful to first apply to your potential new insurer. Insurers are not obliged to provide you with a liability insurance policy. Once you have received confirmation in principle from your new insurer, you must cancel your current liability insurance by letter or e-mail. This only has to be a very short letter. You can also find various sample letters on the internet where you only have to change your name, address, policy number, date etc. You will then receive a confirmation from your current insurer. After that, you can take out your new liability insurance.

It is advisable to pay attention that you use the same expiry date of your current insurance as the start date of your new liability insurance. Otherwise, you could be uninsured for a period or pay double.

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