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Are you a student, and are you planning to travel for a long or short period? Then, taking out travel and cancellation insurance is wise. This page will give you valuable tips for taking out student travel and cancellation insurance.

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Finding travel insurance with coverage that suits you at a student price takes time. That is why we have created a comparator with which you can quickly compare all travel insurers.

Long period abroad?

Good travel insurance is critical when you go abroad for a long time (e.g., to backpack, study, or do an internship). Standard travel insurance usually needs to provide more cover for a trip of several months. In these cases, you can take out globetrotter travel insurance. The globetrotter travel insurance is the most complete insurance for longer periods abroad.

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Basic student travel insurance package

Different types of travel insurance mainly differ in terms.For example, you have a continuous and short-term travel insurance. You only take out short-term travel insurance for a specific trip.

The basic coverage of both travel insurance policies is usually the same. For example, you will receive compensation when:

  • Your luggage is lost or stolen
  • Your holiday home is damaged
  • You need alternative transport or patient transport

Look here for more information about the supplementary travel insurance packages .

Tips for taking out student travel insurance

  • You must carefully read and compare the general terms and conditions of the various providers of travel insurance or cancellation insurance. Some policy conditions contain strict conditions that must be met before the insurers will pay out.
  • First, think carefully about which things you consider important to be insured during your trip. Insuring certain items in addition to basic coverage is also often possible.
  • Keep the receipts for items you take with you on a trip. The travel insurers may ask about this if you want to declare the items after theft or loss.
  • If you have been a victim of theft during your trip, report it to the local police. Insurance companies may ask for proof of declaration when declaring items that have been closed.

Switching travel insurance

You can switch to another insurer if you have continuous or globetrotter travel insurance. This is a wise choice when another provider offers a cheaper premium or better coverage. Cancelling travel insurance is subject to a few rules. For example, you can never switch during the first year of the insurance; in other cases, a notice period applies.

Read here how switching travel insurance exactly works.

Overview of student travel insurers

We have selected attractive travel insurers for students. For each travel insurer, we have listed what is included in the basic cover, which additional modules you can take out and how high the premium is.

Look at this page for an overview of all travel insurance for students.

FAQ Student Travel Insurance

Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about travel insurance.

What is travel insurance?
You take out travel insurance to insure against damage you sustain during your trip. This insurance covers material damage relating to your property, but personal damage, such as illness and accident, is also insured.
Is travel insurance mandatory?
Taking out travel insurance is not mandatory. It is wise to opt for travel insurance. Travel insurance covers assistance costs when you are travelling and an emergency occurs.
Where can I find and compare the best travel insurance policies?
If you choose to take out travel insurance, it is helpful to understand the different insurance options. You can easily see which insurance is best using our handy travel insurance comparator. Suits your needs.
How much does travel insurance cost?
Taking out travel insurance does not have to be expensive. You can take out insurance from €1.10 per month. The one-off costs and the deductible differ per insurer. View and compare which travel insurance suits you most via our travel insurance comparator.


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