Activities during the trip

There are many different types of holidays. For one person, the ideal holiday is a week on the beach, while someone else prefers to backpack. It is important to adapt your travel insurance to your holiday activities. This will prevent you from being over or under-insured. You will find tips and information about insuring during various activities abroad.

Rent a car

Are you planning to rent a car abroad and travel around? You should take the possibilities of a roadside breakdown or an accident into account. Basic travel insurance does not provide enough coverage to ensure you are well insured for this. Also, pay attention when renting a car, you should get good liability insurance.


When you go backpacking you usually stay abroad for several consecutive months. It is important to be well insured during this trip. Your health insurance covers medical assistance only up to a certain amount. To supplement this you can take out a continuous or special travel insurance for backpackers. The best choice depends on the duration and destination of your trip.

Cover electronics

If you like to take photos during your trip or like to stay online, then you carry a high value of electronics with you. You do not always get full compensation for damaged or stolen gadgets through travel insurance. In addition, a distinction is often made between smartphones, laptops and cameras in terms of maximum reimbursement. Check this before you leave!


Spending a few days at a festival full of music, culture and conviviality, many students love it! Do you regularly visit a festival? Then your annual travel insurance can come in handy for damage or theft. Festivals within the Netherlands and abroad are covered by annual travel insurance. Are you going to a one-day festival in the Netherlands? Then the cover does not apply.

Dangerous sports

Is a city trip or a quiet sun holiday something for you? If you like to do special sports on vacation, it is extra important that you take out a good insurance policy. These sports often involve extra risks. Because of the dangerous aspects, you almost always need supplementary insurance. This can be done with, for example, outdoor insurance. Some sports are even completely excluded from coverage.

A hobby

If you have an expensive hobby that you also want to practice on holiday, it is important that you pay extra attention to your travel insurance. As a hobby photographer, you probably take a lot of valuable equipment with you when you travel. Always pay attention to the maximum amount for which you are insured. Perhaps outdoor valuables insurance is even more suitable. Without the proper coverage of the travel insurance, you are not well insured for the costs of your hobby.


Hitchhiking allows you to discover the world in a cheap way. Not so weird that many students like to do it! But what if you get robbed on the way or the car you ride in has an accident? Are you then covered by travel insurance? In cases where you yourself have no control over the accidents, you are indeed insured.

Traveling with wheelchair

When you are in a wheelchair, organizing a trip can be more complicated. You pick places in trains and aeroplanes and find the right accommodation. You can also choose to book a special trip through an institution such as the Zonnebloem and the Red Cross, for which you often receive reimbursement from the health insurance. Are you going on a journey yourself? Remember that your WMO tools are not standard insured!

Internship, study or work

If you go abroad for a longer period of time to study, do an internship or work, it is important that you are well insured. A travel insurance policy can offer you cover for medical assistance and loss or theft of items. You can also choose to take out insurance for liability and legal assistance abroad. Pay close attention to the number of days and the coverage area that you insured.

Beach holiday

Which travel insurance is best for a beach holiday depends on the type of beach holiday. Are you just going to sunbathe? Then basic travel insurance is enough. However, if you want to practice dangerous water sports, additional travel insurance is required. For the travel insurance, you can choose between a short term period and annual travel insurance. The annual travel insurance is recommended when you go on vacation longer than 21 days or more than 3 times a year.

Winter sports

Winter sports holidays bring extra risks with them as well. This because during winter sports holidays accidents occur much more often. It is possible to insure these special sports separately. The additional winter sports coverage of a travel insurance policy insures you for damage to your winter sports equipment and medical assistance. Do not forget this insurance; the costs of, for example, medical assistance on a mountain can be very high.

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