Discounts for travel insurances

A holiday is of course even more fun when it does not cost you much money. There are cheap ways to go on holiday. As a student, for example, you can often benefit from discounts on your travel insurance. In addition, travel companies often offer discounts, so that you can book a trip cheaper.

Discount on travel insurance

Many insurance providers have special prices for students. So you can often get a discount on the premium of your travel insurance. There are insurers that offer travel insurance in a special student package at lower prices. You then benefit from complete travel insurance, but at an advantageous rate. Check with the travel insurer whether it offers discounts to students.

Early booking discount

If you book a summer holiday early in the year, you can often benefit from early booking discounts. This is a discount that travel organizations offer to encourage people to book their trip early. This discount can be offered because travel organizations make agreements with accommodations and transport companies. However, it may also happen that a journey becomes even cheaper later.

Last minute discount

Do not you have a lot of demands on your trip or do you just want a spontaneous vacation? With a last-minute trip you can get a lot of discount on your booking. Because you book the holiday just before departure, you can benefit from the low prices offered by travel organizations. The disadvantage of last-minute travel is that there is often little choice in terms of destination and accommodation. Always keep in mind any visas or vaccinations you have to make before departure.

Tips for a cheap trip

The prices for holidays are variable. Sometimes a trip one day is a lot cheaper than the other day. It is difficult to predict when a trip is the cheapest. For an inexpensive trip, try to book an arrival day during the week. Many people travel during the weekend, so the prices are often higher. Travelling at night can also bring many benefits. In addition, you can often get a discount on your entire booking when you book a trip and accommodation with the same provider.

ISIC student card

The ISIC student card is proof that you are a student. The card is funded by the European Union, many ministries of education and UNESCO and is recognized worldwide. The card entitles you to student discounts all over the world. Benefit from discounts at cultural hotspots and in restaurants during your holiday. In addition, with the ISIC student card you can also get discounts on air, bus and train tickets worldwide. The ISIC student card costs around 12 euros for a year.

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