Globetrotter insurance

Do you go abroad for a longer period of time to backpack, to work, to study or to do an internship? Then a Globetrotter travel insurance might be something for you. With Globetrotter insurance you are insured for a longer period of time abroad. In addition, these insurance policies often have broader coverage and better general coverage than regular travel insurances.

What is Globetrotter travel insurance?

If you stay abroad for a longer period of time, the Globetrotter travel is complete travel insurance, which you can also take out without having a Dutch health insurance policy.

Globetrotter in two different ways

1. Without the Dutch health insurance

If you go abroad for a longer period of time, you can choose to cancel your Dutch health insurance. You can take out fully medical covered Globetrotter travel insurance, preventing you from being overinsured.

This insurance ensures that the medical expenses that you make unforeseen abroad are covered. In doing so, you can return to the Netherlands before the end date of the trip. You are then insured in the Netherlands for a maximum period of 21 days.

2. With the Dutch health insurance

If you keep your Dutch health insurance policy, you can have it supplemented with Globetrotter travel insurance. If you then incur medical costs abroad, a Globetrotter travel insurance covers the costs that your Dutch health insurance company does not cover.

What does the Globetrotter cover travel insurance?

What falls within the coverage depends on the insurer you choose.

Generally, the following items are covered:

  • Hospitalization
  • Emergency return back to the Netherlands
  • Theft and damage to your luggage

In addition, matters such as accidents during winter sports, diving or during your work abroad are insured. There are exceptions for work abroad that are not covered.

For what period of time can you take out the Globetrotter travel insurance?

The Globetrotter travel insurance can be taken out for a maximum consecutive period of two years. A maximum travel time does not apply to a number of insurers.

One-time visit at home

You can choose to have a one-time home visit insured. You then have the opportunity to go home once during this 2-year period, for a maximum of 21 days and then be insured in the Netherlands via the Globetrotter travel insurance. If you choose to keep your Dutch health insurance policy, you can return home as often as you want.

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