Maximum travel time of a travel insurance

When you take out travel insurance you have to choose between a short term period and an annual variant. In the cases that you travel more often or longer, annual travel insurance can easily be the cheapest option. You are then insured throughout the year, but you will have to deal with a maximum travel time. In this article, you will find more information about the conditions of this maximum travel duration per insurer.

Standard insured travel time

The big advantage of annual travel insurance is that it is valid throughout the year. So you do not have to worry about taking out insurance just before you go on vacation. There is, however, an important rule that you have to take into account: you can take out vacation when you want, but you can not always go on holiday as long as you want. Continuous travel insurance has a standard insured travel time.

How long can I go on holiday being insured?

With most travel insurers this amount is a total of 60 consecutive days for the annual travel insurance, but some travel insurers also have a shorter or longer insured travel time. The insured travel time is the number of days that you can travel abroad consecutively while you remain insured. With short term period travel insurance this does not apply, because you always take out this insurance for the exact period that you go on vacation.

To expand

When, for example, you go abroad on an internship or go backpacking, you are often abroad longer than the standard insured travel time of about 60 days. This means that your continuous travel insurance does not cover the entire period abroad. You then have the following two options:

  • You take out special travel insurance for long trips abroad, the so-called Globetrotter insurance. With this you can often spend a maximum of 2 years abroad
  • You let your travel insurer extend the standard insured travel time

Extending the insured travel time is not possible with all travel insurers. You should inform yourself about this before taking out travel insurance. Even when you do can extend the insured travel time, you still have to make sure that this new insured travel time covers your entire period abroad. Extending the travel time to more than a year abroad is never really possible.

Maximum travel duration per travel insurer

There are no fixed conditions with regard to the insured travel time on a travel insurance policy, so travel insurers may decide for themselves. With each travel insurer, it can therefore vary how long the standard insured travel time is and up to which number of days you can extend this. Do you already have travel insurance? You can find these conditions in your insurance policy.

Below you can find an overview of the insured travel time and the possibility of extension with a number of well-known travel insurers in the Netherlands.

Travel insurance Default insured travel days Possibility to extend insured travel time
Allianz Global Assistance 60 180
Centraal Beheer Achmea 365 Not possible
De Friesland 92 Not possible
Nationale Nederlanden 365 Not possible
Ditzo 60 Not possible
FBTO 60 365
OHRA 45 Yes, up to max. 90, 180 or 365 days
Univé 60 180
Zilveren Kruis 180 Not possible