Short term period travel insurance

A short term period travel insurance is perfectly suited for short holidays and is taken out once for the duration of your holiday. The travel insurance will automatically expire after this travel period. If you do not go on holiday very often and your trips are limited to a few days or a long summer vacation, the short term period travel insurance can be ideal for you. Below you will find more information about short term period travel insurances.

What is a short term period travel insurance?

You can take out short term period travel insurance (also called expiring travel insurance) for exactly the number of days you go on vacation. This means that the insurance starts on the day you leave and the insurance stops at the moment you return home. If it happens that you leave a day later, the insurance will simply take a day with you. This also applies to the homecoming. You do not have to insure yourself in this way throughout the year and only pay the premium costs for the specific period that you plan to stay abroad.

Travel insurance forgotten? Often you can even take out short term period travel insurance at the moment you are at the airport. However, it is wiser to do this earlier so that you can compare the various short term period travel insurance policies in peace and quiet.

What is insured in a short term period travel insurance?


If you have damage to your travel baggage, in many cases it will be reimbursed up to a certain amount by your insurance company. The amount that is reimbursed can be found in the coverage overview that you received when you took out your travel insurance. In general, items such as loss, damage and theft of your luggage are covered under this cover. With this insurance, you are also covered against damage to prepaid or forwarded baggage. For this, you must be able to show the receipt.

Personal assistance

Personal assistance means that if something should happen during your stay abroad, you can go to the emergency centre of your travel insurance during the entire trip. You will then be helped if you fall ill, have an accident or want to return home unexpectedly due to family circumstances.

Extraordinary costs and accidents abroad

In the event that you fall ill, have an accident or die (or a travelling companion or family member happens to you), the costs incurred for this will be covered by travel insurance. These are also called unforeseen costs. Often you will receive the costs you have incurred for the extra stay or return to the Netherlands.

Damage to accommodation or accommodation

The compensation for damage to your accommodation is meant for the damage that has been accidentally made when you stay in a holiday home or a hotel room.

For example, a glass of wine can fall over a white couch or you may break the glass shower door. These damages are in most cases not covered by your liability insurance and you obviously want to be able to recover them.

Telecommunication costs

Telecommunication costs are costs that you make by calling helplines in the Netherlands from abroad. If you have long conversations with these helplines, the costs can quickly reach hundreds of euros. These costs are reimbursed by the short term period travel insurance.

Supplementary insurance

The matters above are all insured by your short term period travel insurance. This makes that you do not have to worry about high costs during your trip. You can also insure yourself for supplementary unforeseen matters, depending on the type of trip you are going to make and the travel activities. The offer of supplementary short term period travel insurance can vary per travel insurer. In general, the following insurance policies can be taken out:

  • Cancellation insurance (it may happen that you have to cancel the trip because a family member of your immediate family has died)
  • supplementary winter sports coverage
  • supplementary legal assistance
  • supplementary world coverage
  • supplementary medical costs (above the Dutch market rate)
  • supplementary breakdown assistance (if you travel by a motor vehicle such as car, caravan or motorcycle)
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