Travel insurance for groups

Student often travel in groups. Examples of such a holiday are a skiing holiday with your study association, a holiday with your entire dispute or a weekend off with colleagues. Sometimes it is, therefore, useful to be able to insure an entire group at the same time. This is possible through special travel insurance for groups. Read more information about the group travel insurance here.

A group travel insurance

As an organizer of a group tour you often want to offer a complete package. You ensure that the trip, the accommodation and the activities are well organized. Travel insurance is a part that is often included with this package. By taking out group travel insurance you can be sure that everyone who is travelling is well insured. In this way, you will not face any surprises along the way and you do not have to be afraid that you as an organizer will be held responsible for damage that occurs along the way.

Benefits for the participants

A group travel insurance also has a number of advantages for the participants of a trip or excursion. These advantages are:

  • Participants do not have to spend extra money for the trip themselves.
  • Participants do not have to worry about taking out the right insurance.
  • Taking out individual travel insurance is often a lot more expensive.

Taking out travel insurance is an extra step and can be a reason not to go along. In addition, students can forget or take out the wrong travel insurance, resulting in some people being uninsured during the trip.


With group travel insurance, everyone who is part of the trip is co-insured. Examples are the organizers, the participants and supervisors. The following points usually fall under the basic coverage:

  • S.O.S costs (these are, for example, extra costs of travel and accommodation after an accident)
  • Liability

Travel insurance can often be created by picking different modules by yourself. You can therefore decide for yourself which supplementary options will ensure you even more. Usually, the supplementary options are:

  • Medical costs (often budget and extensive)
  • Travel luggage
  • Special sports
  • Winter sports

Depending on the theme of your excursion, these may be necessary additions. When you go water skiing with a whole group, it is important that the insurance covers precisely those risks.

The Netherlands, European or World

It is important to check the coverage before taking out insurance. Some insurance policies will only cover group trips within the Netherlands. For a holiday or excursion outside the Netherlands, you must therefore take out group insurance with at least European coverage. This is often a supplementary module that you must select when you close.


Especially for large groups, a cancellation cover can be a good choice. It is of course quite possible that something happens that prevents specific people or even the whole group from travelling. Not all travel insurance policies cover for cancellation by default. This is often supplementary insurance that you have to take out. Make sure you take out a short term period cancellation insurance and not annual insurance. Allianz offers, for example, a short term period cancellation insurance for small groups.

Go directly to compare the Allianz Global Assistance insurance to take out cancellation insurance.


When you take out travel insurance for a group, you often get a discount. The insurer benefits from the fact that a larger number of people simultaneously take out insurance. How much the group travel insurance costs will depend on a number of things:

  • The destination
  • The amount of people
  • The coverage of the package

You can always choose to make a quotation with a few insurers and decide on that basis.

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