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Liability insurances

With a liability insurance, you are insured against accidental damage caused by you or your pet, to a third party. It is not compulsory to have a liability insurance in The Netherlands. However, you will have to pay high liability costs if you don’t have a liability insurance. Moreover, it is very common for Dutch people to have one. The insurance can be bought before or after your arrival in The Netherlands.

You can easily compare liability insurances with our tool. We make a top 5 liability insurances based on your preferences. You can choose your desired coverage and deductible.


Most insurance companies require you to have a deductible. A deductible is a small part of the damage you have to pay yourself. This deductible is usually around €100,-. If you voluntarily choose a higher deductible, you pay a lower premium. However, in case of damage you have to pay the amount from your deductible first. Not all insurance companies have a compulsory deductible. If you indicate in our tool that you do not want to have a deductible, the insurance companies with a compulsory deductible will be filtered out automatically.


Most insurance companies offer a similar coverage. The basic coverage is usually around €1.500.000,- and can be expanded to €2.500.000,-. It is important to double check whether you are insured for all things you want to be insured for. You are covered for the following things:

Important: Every insurance company apply an “accident-condition” in their policies. This indicates that no coverage is offered when damage has been caused on purpose.