Changes healthcare insurance 2022

What significant changes in health insurance and the Dutch health care system can we expect in 2022? On September 21 2021, the Dutch King announced the government budget and significant changes during ‘Prinsjesdag’. This speech gives us insight into, among other things, the nominal health care premium for the coming year, the deductible, the health care allowance and the content of the basic health insurance. All health insurers will not announce the definitive health premiums until around November 12. So keep an eye on this page for an up-to-date overview of all important changes in Dutch health insurance in 2022!

Dutch health insurance changes 2022

The following will change this year:

  • The premiums will rise, you will pay about €2.58 per month more for your health insurance;
  • The deductible does not change and remains the same with €385;
  • The health care allowance will increase by €3,- per month (€36 per year);
  • The basic package remains more or less the same: extended coverage comes with the reimbursement of electricity costs for mechanical respiratory support. In addition, The government will add three new medicines for the treatment of migraines. Corona recovery care will remain in the package until at least August 2022.

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Increase healthcare premium 2022

The nominal health care premium estimates whether the health care premium will rise or drop in the coming year. The health insurance premium usually rises, and the estimates for 2022 show that you will pay approximately €125.75 per month for your basic health insurance. This equates to an average increase of €2.58 per month. Around November 12 2021, all health insurers will announce the definitive premiums for Dutch health insurance in 2022.

Why will health insurance premiums rise in 2022?

  • There is more aging;
  • The deductible remains the same;
  • More healthcare staff and higher wages, mental health budget and treatments for patients with a chronic disease.

Deductible excess 2022

The deductible excess will remain unchanged in 2022. Therefore, the mandatory excess in 2022 also amounts to €385,-. In addition to the compulsory deductible, you can opt for a voluntary deductible. That allows you to increase the mandatory deductible by a maximum of €500 to €885. Every year the deductible is determined by the government based on the new budget. The health care premiums have increased because the deductible remains the same. After all, the health care costs have increased.

Finally, chronic patients with long-term treatment for a psychiatric disorder must pay the full deductible annually from 2022. Previously, this only applied to the year in which patients started treatment. Patient organization MIND is afraid of the negative consequences, such as patients avoiding or delaying treatments.

Healthcare Allowance 2022

During the final announcement of the health care premiums in November, the tax authorities will also announce the healthcare allowance. It is currently known that the health care allowance will increase for:

  • Singles: €3 per month (€36 per year)
  • Multi-person households: €3.33 per month (€40 per year)

The actual amount of the healthcare allowance depends on your income, family situation and equity. You can make a test calculation on the surcharges page of the Tax Authority.

Changes Dutch basic health insurance package 2022

The content of your basic health insurance is subject to the following changes:

  • Conditional admission of 12 interventions for different medical treatments to the basic package;
  • Three new medicines to treat migraine in specific groups of patients are added to the basic package;
  • Corona recovery care will remain in the basic package until at least August 2022. This means, insofar as the treatment requires, unlimited speech therapy, max. 50 physiotherapy treatments, max. 7 hours of additional dietary advice and max. 10 hours of additional occupational therapy;
  • The dental treatment ‘autotransplant’ will be reimbursed from 1 January 2022 from the basic insurance;
  • Electricity costs for mechanical respiratory support can be claimed from your health insurer from January 1, 2022.

Income-related contribution 2022

A special detail is that the income-related contribution for the Zvw (Health Insurance Act) will decrease in 2022. The rates are as follows:

  • Employee contribution: decrease from 0.30% to 6.70%
  • Employer contribution: decrease from 0.30% to 5.45%

Changes long-term care 2022

For the Wlz (Long-term Care Act) the premium remains the same at 9.65%.

Overview of changes in healthcare

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