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Anderzorg is a label of Menzis, the fourth largest health insurer in the Netherlands. This label mainly focuses on young people, and they only offer health insurance. Because they provide slightly less service compared to other insurance providers, you can take out health insurance for a low premium.

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Anderzorg health insurance policies 2024

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Anderzorg health care premium overview from past years

Anderzorg health care premium overview
Year Nature
2024 € 141,25
2023 €134.75
2022 €119.25
2021 €116.00
2020 €110.00
2019 €108.00
2018 €102.00
2017 €102.00
2016 €93.00
2015 €93.00
2014 €86.25
2013 €96.25
2012 €96.25
2011 €91.75

*The above health care premiums are based on the compulsory deductible.

Advantages Anderzorg for students

  • In recent years, one of the cheapest insurers in the Netherlands
  • You can easily claim via the Anderzorg app (iOS/Android)
  • An additional package that you can customize

Disadvantages Anderzorg for students

  • Anderzorg only offers a ‘natura’ policy. With Anderzorg this means that you do have a free choice of hospital, but have to deal with contracted healthcare providers.
  • It is not possible to take out dental insurance with coverage higher than €500.

Anderzorg basic package

At AnderZorg you can take out one of the cheaper basic packages in the Netherlands. With the basic package of AnderZorg you are reimbursed for medicines, hospital care and general practitioner care. You can increase your mandatory deductible of €385,- in steps of 100 euros, up to a maximum increase of €500.

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Additional Packages

You can expand the basic package with various options. For example, you can supplement it with coverage for physiotherapy, the dentist and healthcare abroad. It is also possible to take out a ‘combination insurance’.

Combination discounts

If you put together the supplementary insurance yourself with reimbursement for physio, dentistry and worldwide coverage, you can get a discount. When you combine physiotherapy with dentistry, for example, you get a 10% discount. Do you also add world coverage to this? Then you pay less for this too. Please note that it is not possible to combine dental coverage. You can only choose one of these.

Anderzorg student health insurance

Anderzorg is an insurance company that mainly focuses on students. For example, you can opt for special additional insurance for students, use the app for your smartphone or visit social media. The Twitter account is @AnderZorg and the Facebook account is It is also possible to WhatsApp or chat with an employee via the website.

Contact details Anderzorg

Contact information
Email Website Contact Form
Post PO Box 1177, 7500 BD Enschede
Twitter @Anderzorg

Sustainability Anderzorg

To what extent does Anderzorg invest responsibly and sustainably? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has conducted a benchmark study. In the ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’ survey, Anderzorg scores a 2.8 on a scale of 1 to 5. The investments are assessed on, among other things, consequences for people, the environment, society and management of the company. With a score of 2.8, Anderzorg is one of the top 3 sustainable investing health insurers in the Netherlands.

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