Compare and take out travel insurances

It is wise to delve into the various travel insurance policies and providers before you take one out. Travel insurance must of course provide the right cover for the trip you are about to make. On this page, you will find information about comparing insurers and switching to another travel insurance.

Why change?

Insurers can decide for themselves what is and what does not fall within the coverage of their travel insurance. It is, therefore, possible that another insurer offers a package that suits your needs better. Insurers may also determine the price of their package themselves. Maybe there is an insurance company that offers the same package for a lower price or where you can benefit from student discounts.

Which insurance should I choose?

There are different types of travel insurance policies. It is therefore important to first determine whether you want a short term period, annual or Globetrotter travel insurance. Then you can view which items are important to you. Are you going to use the insurance for travel outside Europe or winter sports holidays? Then take out additional travel insurance for this.

Compare travel insurance

When you have determined which items you would like to cover by the policy, you can compare insurers on price and policy conditions. Consider, for example, how the various insurers deal with declarations and whether there is a heading of extraordinary costs. In addition, it is, of course, important that the travel insurance does not cost you too much. Therefore, you should also compare the monthly premiums.

Top 5 travel insurance policies

To make the comparison of all different insurers a bit simpler, we compare the travel insurances each year. The amount of the premium is looked at, of course, but the policy conditions and the service are also compared. Based on these components, we composed a top 5 with the best travel insurance for students.

View the top 5 travel insurance policies

Switching from travel insurance

It is not always possible to cancel your travel insurance and to switch to another travel insurance. There are rules that specify when this is possible. These rules vary per type of insurance:

    Short term period travel insurance: this insurance is automatically cancelled and you do not have to cancel it yourself. After the policy expires, you can immediately go to another travel insurance company for a new insurance policy.
  • Annual travel insurance: you take out this insurance for a minimum of one year. You can not switch during that period. After a year you are free to stop the insurance whenever you want.

After cancelling your travel insurance you can take out new travel insurance online with just a few steps. You will receive the policy by mail or you will be sent home.

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