Holidays in the Netherlands

A long weekend in Amsterdam with your friends, hitchhiking and exploring the countryside or relaxing in the tropical pool of Center Parcs with the family. A vacation in the Netherlands can be fun! Do you regularly take a (small)holiday in the Netherlands? Even then travel insurance can come in handy. Read more about the coverage that the travel insurance offers for a holiday in the Netherlands.

Benefits of travel insurance in the Netherlands

One of the most important matters covered by the travel insurance that you can really benefit from within the Netherlands is the luggage cover. If you lose a suitcase, get robbed or drop your phone in the tropical pool, you will receive compensation for this. Before taking out travel insurance for this purpose, you should check first if you do not already have taken other insurance covering this. Examples of those insurances can be electronics insurance and contents insurance with country coverage.

Another part of the coverage that can come in handy is the cancellation cover. You can also cancel a holiday in the Netherlands for unforeseen reasons, for example, due to a death or illness. Sudden cancellation with a valid reason is also reimbursed within the Netherlands via cancellation insurance.

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Good coverage for travel equipment

There are some situations in which it has a great value to have travel insurance in the Netherlands: often it applies to travels where you carry expensive equipment. This equipment then falls under the luggage cover travel insurance, such as:

  • You go camping and want to insure your tent as well as insure the theft of personal belongings from the tent while you sleep
  • You go on an active holiday such as cycling and surfing and want an extra cover for your expensive equipment

Conditions for an insured holiday in the Netherlands

An important condition that you have to take into account is that the travel insurance only applies to multi-day holidays in the Netherlands. This means that an overnight stay must take place elsewhere and you must be able to demonstrate this by means of, for example, a reservation or payment. Day trips are usually not covered. For a one-day festival in the Netherlands you are not insured, but for a two-day festival where you stay with your tent you do are insured.

Another condition is that business trips are usually not covered. When you go to a multi-day conference the travel insurance only covers the private part of the journey somewhere in the Netherlands, for example, when you pay for your own hotel stay. With some travel insurers, you can take out an additional supplementary module ‘business travel’ on the travel insurance to cover this.

Annual travel insurance

If you have annual travel insurance, you do not have to take any action. Every time when you go on vacation you are insured by default, so all your trips within the Netherlands are covered. When you take out annual travel insurance you can almost never choose coverage just for the Netherlands. You choose for a European or world coverage and the Netherlands of course belongs to that.

Tip: Do you not know whether you should opt for a short term period or annual travel insurance? In general, it can be said that for everyone who is on holiday for a total of more than about 21 days a year or who leaves several times a year on a trip, annual travel insurance is cheaper.

Short term period travel insurance

In the case of a short term period travel insurance policy, you can also take out this insurance for a holiday in the Netherlands. With a short term period of travel insurance, you can sometimes opt for coverage for the Netherlands alone. Otherwise, you choose European coverage again.

It is good to know that most short term period travel insurance policies that do specifically for travel within the Netherlands are often valid in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg by default. You must take in account that sometimes you have to spend a maximum number of days (often 24 hours) stay in these countries. A day of shopping in one of our neighbouring countries is insured. Verify this before departure in your policy to be sure.

Being over-insured

When you stay in the Netherlands for your holiday it may be possible be that you are already covered by another insurance policy for part of the coverage of travel insurance. For example, sudden medical treatments are simply covered by your health insurance and your liability insurance and car insurance are also valid. For these cases, you do not always need travel insurance. However, the travel insurance still offers cover for medical costs that fall outside the coverage of your basic health insurance, if you have a simple package this can come in handy.

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