Quality Mark ‘Erkend Vergelijker’

Keurmerk Erkend Vergelijker

Comparison sites are regularly consulted prior to purchasing valuable and/or important products and services. On comparison websites, you will find an overview of providers of the product or service. Precisely because these sites are particularly used for important matters; for instance, when taking out insurance, it is essential that the comparison site meets a high level of quality. Often, it is unclear to consumers whether the site they are using is objective, transparent and reliable. In this case, a seal of approval is a suitable tool for making an informed choice.

What does this hallmark encompass?

To ensure the quality of information and comparisons, the ‘Keurmerk Erkend Vergelijker’ (Approved Comparator Seal of Approval) was launched. The label contains a code of conduct, which contributes to an objective and fair comparison for consumers. Student Insurance may carry this hallmark.

Why this seal of approval?

At Studentenverzekeringen, we value reliable information, objective comparisons and a transparent way of working. And that is why we believe it is crucial to be a certified financial service provider through the Approved Comparer Seal of Approval. The purpose of the Approved Comparer Seal of Approval is to give consumers a stamp of assurance that they do not have to worry about the reliability of the comparison site. Compliance with the code of conduct will help safeguard these concerns.

Key points of the Code of Conduct

Consumers must be confident that a comparison website offers fair, accurate and reliable comparisons. That way, they can choose the product that best suits their needs. To ensure this, the Approved Comparator Quality Mark monitors member financial comparison sites against a code of conduct.

  • One of the focal points of this code of conduct is that in the comparison, the client’s needs are the primary concern, not the possible compensation the comparison site receives. Transparency in the earnings model is paramount for this reason.
  • Displaying actual prices that have not been made more attractive with discounts is also a key focus of the code of conduct.
  • Finally, control at a comparison site is also scrutinized: who is actually at the helm and is this information sufficiently accessible to consumers?
About us

Studentenverzekeringen.nl is the authority for student insurances. We are independent, and have no financial or relational agreement with any insurance company.