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Health insurer Salland, named after the region in western Overijssel, profiles itself as an accessible health insurer close to the customer. The insurer is part of Eno (formerly Salland cooperative), founded in 1860. Eno offers health insurance through various health care labels, including Salland, Salland ZorgDirect and HollandZorg. In addition to one basic insurance policy, you can get four supplementary insurance policies and three dental insurance policies. You can find more information on the Salland website:

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Salland health insurance premium overview

Health insurer Salland health insurance premium overview
Year Nature
2024 € 145,90
2023 €134.90
2022 €120.90
2021 €123.90
2020 €113.90
2019 €106.90
2018 €101.50
2017 € 112.95
2016 € 112.95
2015 €100.95
2014 €96.75
2013 €105.00
2012 €107.00
2011 €104.75

Advantages Salland for students

  • Possibility to pay the deductible in instalments;
  • Wide choice of various additional packages;
  • Low premium in relation to comparable basic ‘natura’ insurance policies;
  • Many discount options on healthcare products, sportswear and outings;

Disadvantages Salland for students

  • Certain popular reimbursements, including vaccinations, contraception, alternative medicine or glasses and lenses are only (extensively) reimbursed in the most extensive packages (vaccination even only in the most expensive package).

Basic package Salland

The basic package of Salland, a ‘natura’ policy, offers you coverage for basic healthcare costs that you incur at, among others, your GP, the hospital, for medicines or psychological care. Although the ‘natura’ policy somewhat limits your free choice of care, with Salland you still have a fairly wide choice of, for example, hospitals and other care providers in your area. You can choose to increase the compulsory deductible from €385,- to a maximum of €885,-. This means you pay less premium, but you do carry a higher deductible if you are unexpectedly confronted with high healthcare costs.

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Additional packages Salland

If you are looking for certain additional coverages, Salland offers four different additional packages. These packages offer more to less extensive additional coverage for, among other things, physiotherapy, contraception, glasses and contact lenses or vaccinations.

Additional dental insurance

Health insurers are increasingly offering reimbursements for oral care in separate dental insurance policies, including Salland. At Salland, you can choose from three dental insurance policies: TandExtra, TandPlus and TandTop. If you expect to incur many dental costs in the coming year, you should take into account that acceptance conditions apply to the TandTop package. The insurer will not simply admit you to the insurance if you expect to make up for a lot of overdue maintenance in the foreseeable future. To evaluate the condition of your teeth, you will have to fill in a questionnaire.

Additional services

An eye-catching extra service from Salland that you don’t see with many other health insurers is the option to repay the deductible in instalments. With other insurers, it may be that you have to pay the bill for the deductible at once. At Salland, you can repay the deductible in 10 instalments. In addition, Salland offers a handy care finder on the website, so you can immediately find out which care providers you can go to for the treatment you are looking for. Finally, Salland offers a handy declaration app for submitting your declarations quickly and easily.


Salland offers many discounts for various healthcare products and regularly has other great discounts for its customers. You can get a discount on your glasses or contact lenses from several opticians. With your health insurance card, you also get a discount at various fitness centres and you can buy sportswear at a discount at certain online sports stores. You can also get a discount on overnight stays in a bungalow park, making a photo book, or mattress cleaning. You name it!

Contact details

Contact information Salland
Email Website Contact Form
Post PO Box 166, 7400 AD Deventer
Twitter @salland

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To what extent are the investments of health insurer Salland sustainable? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has delved into this. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2023’, Salland scores a 0.3 on a scale of 1 to 5. What is the focus of the survey? It examines policies relating to people, the environment, society and corporate governance.

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