Supplementary travel insurance

With normal travel insurance you are insured for things such as medical costs, damage to your accommodation and loss or theft of your luggage. However, there are also supplementary packages available that you can close on top of the basic package. This is useful, for example, when you close certain activities during your vacation. Here you can find more information about the items that you can still insure.

What can I add to my travel insurance?

Once you have decided what you will do during your vacation, you can check whether basic travel insurance covers everything or not. If not, you might want to take out supplementary travel insurance.

You can have supplementary insurance for the following items:

  • Traveling outside of Europe
  • Cancellations
  • Car assistance during your trip
  • Being abroad for longer periods
  • Additional medical costs
  • Accidents
  • Legal counsel
  • Winter sports

World coverage

In general, you take out travel insurance with European coverage. This insurance is often slightly cheaper than World coverage. However, if you want to enjoy your holiday outside of Europe, take supplementary world coverage. With the World coverage, you are insured worldwide for a small additional charge.

Cancellation insurance

If you have booked a holiday or you are already at your holiday home and something that prevents you from going on holiday happens, or you have to return early, you might get the expenses reimbursed or a part of it with cancellation insurance. You can not reclaim the travel costs with cancellation insurance in all unexpected circumstances, but usually in family circumstances or illness.

Car assistance coverage

If you decide to go on holiday with your own car, caravan or camper, it is wise to take out supplementary car assistance insurance. You are then insured for any assistance in case of breakdown or an accident. This also covers issues such as theft and fire.

Medical expenses

You might need medical assistance during your trip. The travel insurance that you took out before you went on vacation only insures you against the Dutch care rate. Medical costs abroad are often higher and can therefore result in extra uncovered medical expenses. For these situations you can take out supplementary health insurance, this additional insurance also covers the higher health insurance costs made abroad.

Accident coverage

You do not like to think about it, but becoming permanently disabled after an accident can happen to anyone. If this happens, it’s nice that you have the financial means to continue living as normal as possible. You can think of a modified car or an adaptation to your home. In addition, an amount will be paid through this supplementary insurance if you die.

Legal assistance coverage

A Dutch legal expenses insurance is usually not valid abroad. For this, you have to take out supplementary travel assistance cover on your travel insurance. With this, you are insured for damage that you cause or when you end up in a conflict.

Winter sports coverage

With this supplementary insurance you are insured against theft and damage to material and equipment and against the extra risks that a winter sports holiday can bring. Many insurers combine the supplementary winter sports cover with an underwater cover. You are therefore insured for both sports.

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